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How to look after your voice during cold and flu season

Your Voice in Cold & Flu Season

As I’m writing this, I have a big old feckin’ cold… I left the confines of my home to go on holiday and mingle with other humans and catch all of their germs, so I’m currently sniffling and going through tissues like nobody’s business. I’m feeling very husky, I’m on the edge of what I […]

How to keep a happy and healthy voice on holiday

Nic sitting on a wall in a blue jumper enjoying a cup of team, reading her book On The Mic.

Going on holiday? Lucky you. It can be hard to keep your voice happy and healthy on holiday. You might be exposed to more heat, air-condition and have an epic change in routine due to all the lols you’re having. Don’t fret, I’ve popped a few tips to make sure your vocal health stays in […]

How to do ‘dry January’ right for optimum vocal health.

Nic Redman, voice coach in UK, happily drinking in a mug with words printed on it saying stay hydrated for feck's sake.

Dry January?! No ta. Staying good and moist is what you want for a voice that is free, expressive and easy. If you’re struggling with how to stay hydrated for optimum vocal health, try these three tips: It’s that easy. But for more tips on how to stay hydrated for optimum vocal health, check out […]

Quick Voice Tip – Improving alignment for a healthier voice

Tipsmas day 7 by nic redman

When we speak our attention and energy is focused on the audience which can lead to the dreaded chin jut! Try this tip for improving your alignment for healthy speaking. The whole breath. It often tends to come from the chin! Which puts a heck of a lot of strain on our poor week larynx […]

Quick Voice Tips – Improve speaking by your connection to the floor

Tipsmas day 6 by nic redman

Yes, it is possible to improve your speaking through a connection to the floor you’re standing on. Voice isn’t just about what we hear, it’s about physical sensation. We experience a lot of physical sensations when we speak. You can feel breath in the lungs, sound vibrations in the throat and the mouth moving to […]

Quick Voice Tips – Focus On The Out Breath

Tipsmas day 5 by nic redman

As they say in Accent Method Breathing; “If in doubt, breathe out!” And I do literally mean let all the air that’s in there come out again. It’s so easy to make voice training all about the in breath. That is the fuel to help you make the sound in the first place. But if […]

Quick Voice Tips – Reflect On Your Own Diet

Tipsmas day 4 by nic redman

Don’t take all the vocal health advice given in forums and on the internet as gospel. A lot of the time it’s outdated, anecdotal advice that could cause you more hassle than it’s worth. I see all sorts of well meaning nonsense out there: No coffee, dairy or alcohol. Don’t eat spicy food, eat an […]

Quick Voice Tips – Can you talk with more ease?

Tipsmas day 3 by nic redman

You don’t get points for pushing your voice further than you need to. But your voice will thank you if you’re working with ease; whatever the needs of your speaking. Ease doesn’t mean relaxed or low energy, it means efficient and working well. Thank you to the glorious Barbara Houseman for reminding me of that […]

Quick Voice Tips – Staying Hydrated for vocal health

Tipsmas day 2 by nic redman

Your vocal folds are covered in lovely mucus which needs to be slippery for ease of phonation (that’s the fancy term for speaking.) Are you one of those people who forgets to drink water? There are a few things you can do to make staying hydrated a little easier: Firstly, use an app Use an […]

Quick Voice Tips – Remember You Have A Body!

Tipsmas day 1 by nic redman

Your voice is made in the larynx but remember you have a body underneath it. It’s so easy to focus on your throat and how you sound when you speak. But everything you do with the body impacts on freedom and response of the voice. Check in with these three things before you speak: Physical […]