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Quick Voice Tips – Remember You Have A Body!

Your voice is made in the larynx but remember you have a body underneath it.

It’s so easy to focus on your throat and how you sound when you speak. But everything you do with the body impacts on freedom and response of the voice. Check in with these three things before you speak:

Physical alignment; Are your feet parallel? Can you release your knees? Can you lengthen your back? How does your chin feel, is it poking forwards or pulled back?

Tension; Are you feeling any tension in the shoulders, the belly, pelvic floor or even the bum?!

Breath; When you breathe in and out what moves in the body?

It’s easy to get all the clues for what your voice might need from these three checks before starting your vocal warm up.  

How do these three areas feel today? Check in and write it down. Then check again tomorrow to start noticing habitual patterns. Once you notice what your body is doing when you speak you can start to explore if adapting certain elements of your physicality can make your voice even freer and more responsive.

Remember that body voice connection!

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