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Fancy a fun way to shake up your warm up?

Feel empowered with vocal warm-ups at your fingertips

No longer will you...

The Voice Deck is a snazzy wee deck of cards full to the brim with exercises to help you warm-up your voice before speaking, recording and presenting. These handy cards make the process of preparing your voice easy, fun and varied.

It’s like having me in your pocket! (if you fancy that!)

Get you the tools you need to maintain your vocal health

The Voice Deck offers...

How will it help?

Vocal warm-ups are the key to giving you an engaging, efficient and authentic voice. They help you with vocal clarity, make talking easier and help you handle pre-speaking nerves.

The Voice Deck is designed to help you own your daily vocal warm-ups. You’ll be empowered to create different exercise combos, explore your voice and even learn a few new exercises along the way!

How does the deck work?

The Voice Deck covers a 4 step warm-up process:

  • Body

    Releasing tension and energising the alignment

  • Breath

    Awareness of the breath, breath release and consistency of airflow

  • Sound

    Waking up the vocal folds, exploring pitch and tonal variety

  • Speech

    Release and energising the articulators to help reduce tone trip ups!

Each card has a symbol identifying which step it belongs to.

Simply pick one or two exercises from each step to build your brand-new warm-up.

Or you could just play 38 card pick up and see what happens!

Either way, bring the fun, spontaneity and creativity back into your vocal routine.

What do you get?

The Voice Deck

Vocal warm ups that work like magic
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To order packs in numbers higher than 2, please email Nic here.

*The Voice Deck is printed by an FSC certified company BPiF registered print company with a manufacturing process supported by solar energy.*