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On The Mic

THE ULTIMATE BOOK for Voiceover Artists, Podcasters, Speakers and Presenters

Master your vocal technique, routines and warm ups so that you can speak and record with creativity, confidence and connection.

Your voice will thank you!

On The Mic Book Review

Welcome to my world!

You’re in the right place if you want to have vocal impact on your audience, share your message – and have fun along the way!

Thanks to Nic’s expertise I was able to get through a 225-date stand-up tour. That’s a lot of talking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to able to rely on your voice so it’s always ready for you to hit the record button even on long recording days?

How about having a voice that can freely respond to the emotions you need to harness when you’re on the mic?

That's not always that easy.

Fear not, On The Mic, is written for you.

This unique book will

Invaluable tips and advice about voice recording for podcasts!

You might be:

This book will show you exactly how to feel empowered to look after your voice for recording.

You can become your own voice coach with a toolbox of exercises and strategies at your fingertips.

Working with Nic is essential as a podcaster or presenter. She helps you prep your voice for the mic so you can speak with expression, confidence and authenticity.

What’s Inside?

On The Mic is choc full of easy-to-understand voice insights, mic technique tips and practical exercises to guide you through the voice preparation process including access to supporting videos with demos. You’ll learn exactly what your voice needs to be at it’s best on the mic.

Nic’s methods encourage you to join the dots between voice, body and mind and become aware of how they're related.

On The Mic Book Review

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Nic an award-winning podcaster, voiceover artist and highly qualified spoken voice coach working internationally with voiceover artists, podcasters, broadcasters, speakers and presenters to help them feel empowered and in control on the mic.

She’s trained and been influenced by some of the greats in the voice industry including Cicely Berry, Kristen Linklater, Barbara Houseman, Dane Chalfin, Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. Her unique Irish charm and brain loaded with up-to-date voice geekery help entertain, inspire and educate her clients to be their best in all recording and speaking environments.

Nic’s passion is making voice training accessible, easy to understand and fun. This book is highly practical and down to earth so you’ll always have somewhere to turn to when your voice needs help.

Become your voice’s best friend.

Constantly on the pulse of what’s happening in the voice world. Nic brings bags of knowledge, and actionable tools, always tailoring to you.