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For people who work with the spoken voice – speakers, actors, podcasters, voiceover artists and presenters.

Nic Redman, leading vocal coach, shares insights and knowledge on how to improve your speaking voice and vocal health for podcasting and voiceover, whether you are performing or presenting on stages, on microphone or presenting on camera. Vocal care impacts your performance, your vocal clarity and your presentation delivery.

Learn how to go beyond a basic warm up to stand out vocally and look after your voice properly.

This is a question I get asked a lot: what is better for my vocal health, steaming or nebulising? You’ll learn the difference between them, how they affect the vocal tract and the voice, and how to do them properly. I also share my nebulising and steaming routines, which moment of the day is better […]
Are you one of those who “can’t find the time” to do a proper voice warm up? If so, listen to today’s episode, because I’ll teach you how your vocal warm up can actually help you save time and how to blend it with your morning routines and holistic practices. What You’ll Learn In This […]
This week, I’m sharing five of the most common mistakes I see people making in their speaking voice warm ups. I’ll explain why you shouldn’t extend your warm ups for too long, improvise and go without a plan or focus exclusively on your vocal folds. I’ll also share my thoughts on singing to warm your […]
In today’s episode, I’ll answer why your voice gets to a higher pitch whenever you are nervous or emotional, and how to gain more control over it in these situations. I’ll also share three things you can do to counteract the effect of those emotions in your voice, which will help you in the moment […]
In this episode, I’ll share my top tips to prevent reflux during the holiday season. You’ll also learn how reflux affects your voicing, how to adjust your routine to avoid experiencing it throughout the year, and more.  What Is Covered: What is Laryngopharyngeal reflux and how can it affect your voice How to avoid experiencing […]
This week, I bring some tips to enjoy yourself during the holiday season and take care of your voice at the same time. You’ll learn how to be ready for your end-of-the-year voice gigs, avoid getting sick and conduct yourself at parties without risking the health of your voice. What Is Covered: How to be […]
This week, I’ll share six gift options you can give your voiceover artist, podcaster, or voice-dubber friend this Christmas. From voice-caring devices to performance enhancers, you can rely on this wishlist to save you and your loved one from that awkward moment when they open their presents to find a pair of socks. What You […]
This week, to keep things on the book recommendation trail going, I’ll share three non-voice books you should add to your library to help you improve your voice training journey.  What We Cover: – Understand the marks trauma has left in your body with The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk – […]
In today’s short and sweet episode, I’ll go through five of my favourite books for voice training. You’ll learn about really accessible, easy-to-follow and practical resources with plenty of voice exercises and science-based recommendations.  What You Will Learn: – How to approach your voicing holistically with Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman – Learn to […]
What to do when you are called last minute for a voice gig, to host a meeting or get interviewed, and you don’t have much time to go through a proper voice warm up but still want to sound fantastic? Today is your lucky day, because I’ll teach you 5 exercises to warm up dead […]
If you speak mainly on a microphone and you don’t need to be heard in a massive outdoor space, it’ll be fair to assume your voice will do fine for the most part. But if you must speak for long hours, doing several hours of recordings in a row, your voice will most likely get […]
As a speaker, the most empowering thing you can do with your voice is to know it like the palm of your hand and how to take care of it. Today’s episode is a guide to help you check your voice, see where you could improve your voice care, and ensure solid and consistent performances.  […]
Today, in the last installment of the Vocal Empowerment Series, I have the pleasure of chatting with the voice expert and best-selling author Caroline Goyder.  We explore the crucial role of the body in vocal empowerment, how imposter syndrome affects our voicing abilities, and what gravitas sounds like and means to Caroline. We look at […]
My guest Samara Bay is an Author, Coach, Podcast Host and International Speaker. We delve into Samara’s passion for studying accents and their origins, how we relate to the sounds we hear, and how we are socially conditioned to think about them. We talk about the social phenomena of judging and being judged by how […]
Today I share the best parts of my conversation with the brilliant Tor Spence, Voice and Upper Airway Specialist, and the Founder of VoiceFit Private Speech Therapy Services. We delve into some voice health issues like reflux, its causes, how to identify it, and the consequences of it being misdiagnosed. Tor shares her thoughts on […]
Today’s episode is all about habits and how to incorporate your vocal warm ups and voice care into your daily routines. I’ll share a few tips to help you make space in your day and turn your voice work more habitual. I’ll also talk about navigating new habits using timers, rewards, a warm up partner, […]
This week, we’ll explore the ways to keep your voice safe and functioning while dealing with a cold. I’ll talk about how to deal with your clients, listeners and colleagues’ needs and expectations, how to reduce the impact on your voice of recording during illness, and what you can do to alleviate the effects of […]
Today I’ll answer the question everyone I come across asks: why should I do a vocal warm up? We’ll explore the effects vocal warm ups have on the physical aspect of voicing as well as your mental preparation, and I’ll share the three not-so-obvious reasons why doing a proper vocal warm up really matters. What […]
This week, we’ll learn to deal with the popping plosives. We’ll overlook mic placement and other silly techniques to reduce plosives and we’ll go right at the source of the issue, our lips. I’ll share an exercise to help you release the plosives with more ease, reducing the popping sound on the mic in the […]
This week’s episode is all about mouth noises. We’ll focus on three most common – saliva clicks, nasal farts, and behavioural lips and tongue smacks. We’ll learn to identify and understand why we produce them and focus on what we can do to avoid them.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: – The things […]


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