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Improve your speaking voice with professional voice coaching

I’m a spoken voice coach and voice director working internationally with lovely humans involved in voiceover recording, podcast production, broadcast media, presenting and PR.  

Recently I’ve found myself in the booth helping clients on behalf of Netflix, Mercedes Petronas and the BBC. 

If you need a hand on the mic feeling expressive, connected and engaging, or you’ve got a client who needs presenter coaching, voice-over direction or just a bit of vocal confidence, get in touch!

Are you...

What does a voice coach do?

How I can help

Voice Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Bespoke, tailored speaker coaching, unique to you. That sounds good, doesn’t it? From starting your podcast to owning the room your presenting in, from preparing for PR opportunities to stepping into the voiceover booth for the first time… I can help you harness your nerves, develop your voice, structure your script and deliver the words in a so that your listener really feels something.

Discovery Call

  • Book a chat to discuss your 121 coaching options
  • 15 minutes
  • FREE
  • Zoom or Phone

Courses & Retreats

Group work is a wonderful way to explore voice training. I offer lots of options ranging from online group courses to exclusive in person retreats. Take a look and see what’s available.

Mouth to Mic

Online Voice Training
  • For voiceovers, podcasters, speakers & presenters
  • 11 modules of voice and script training
  • Live weekly calls
  • Fab online community
  • Join anytime, when it’s right for you

The Ultimate Voice Getaway

Retreat with Nic Redman
Price on request
  • Weekend retreats
  • Voice workshops, outdoor activities and wellness
  • Tailored to you and your group
  • Presenting skills, vocal discovery, podcasting,
  • All-inclusive
  • Get in touch to discuss the needs of your group

Downloadable Courses

These tried and tested downloadable courses are here to increase your vocal stamina, improve the clarity of your speech and release physical tension to provide you with a stronger, more reliable and expressive speaking voice. Designed specifically for studying in the privacy of your own home, they offer a great insight into voice training and will equip you with lots of ideas for vocal warm ups. Download below now.

Jaw Release

£ 27
  • Release tension in your jaw
  • Increase vocal range and expression
  • Reduce vocal fatigue and discomfort
  • 5 consecutive days of training videos
  • Lifetime access to the materials to revisit the work
Download now

Tongue Training

£ 27
  • Gain clearer speech
  • Increase volume and variety
  • Reduce the effort of speech
  • 5 consecutive days of training videos
  • Lifetime access to the materials to revisit the work
Download now

Course Bundle

£ 45
  • Gain access to Jaw Release Week Course + Tongue Training Course
  • 5 consecutive days of training videos
  • Lifetime access to the materials to revisit work

Breath Awareness

  •  Release physical tension

  •  Increase breath awareness
  • Explore breath release
  • Your own personal audio guide
  • Only 8 minutes to complete
  • Enjoy tension release and a renewed awaress of your breath

Don’t worry if you’d like your coaching to be kept a secret because you’re dead famous and that. (Brad Pitt, I’m talking to you… Call me…)

Voice & Accent Hub

This community is your safe space to ask questions. There’ll be tips and tricks, weekly Q & As and lots of other ways to explore your voice. I’ll share interesting articles and findings about voice and accent and you’ll also be the first to know about webinars and other development opportunities. Basically, it’s your place to geek out about the voice without fear of judgement. Welcome, and speak out!


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