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Tipsmas day 4 by nic redman

Quick Voice Tips – Reflect On Your Own Diet

Don’t take all the vocal health advice given in forums and on the internet as gospel.

A lot of the time it’s outdated, anecdotal advice that could cause you more hassle than it’s worth.

I see all sorts of well meaning nonsense out there:

No coffee, dairy or alcohol.

Don’t eat spicy food, eat an apple, drink ancient tea…it’s all nonsense if you don’t actually know your own body.

Do some of your own research, both scientific and experiential, before making any huge dietary changes.

Does eating healthily help over all? Sure. Might coffee exacerbate YOUR reflux? It may. But check in on yourself first. No need to get Dr ancients rare herbal tea on bulk order and give up coffee and cheese if you don’t need to. 

Have you got any questions about diet and your vocal performance?

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