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Client Stories

I’m very lucky as I get to work with lots of incredible people on their voice, podcasting and public speaking needs.

Some people just keep coming back, I can’t get rid of them! Luckily, I always have a great time and we seem to achieve lots in most cases. Don’t take my word for it, here are a few examples of the experiences in their words.

Assed Baig

Assed is an investigative journalist and reporter and is currently the Iran Correspondent for Al Jazeera.

Bhavnisha Parmar

Bhav is a voiceover artist and actor. We have been working together 1-2-1 for 6 months and Bhav has also completed many of my live online courses.

Chris Devon

Chris is a voice artist, voice actor and blogger. We had 1-2-1 sessions together.

Jeremy Gibson

Jeremy has done online courses and 1-2-1 work on voiceover and accents. He's also a member of the Voice & Accent Hub and an avid listener to the Voice Coach Podcast.

Elizabeth Edgerton

Lizzie is a humanist celebrant working in the Scottish Borders. She chose to have a six session package, is an active member of The Voice & Accent Hub and Voice Coach Podcast fan!

Mark James

Mark is a voice actor and singer based in Yorkshire, UK

BJ Harrison

BJ is an audiobook narrator and host of the long-running The Classic Tales Podcast. He’s an Independent Audiobook Award Winner and has narrated and produced over 650+ titles for Indies and Publishers.

Ana Clements

Ana is a trained singer and a full-time narrator and voice actor. She is also the founder of Audiobooks club on Club House and host of Wednesday Audiobooks room at The Narrator’s Cup of Joe.

Aisling Leyne

Aisling Leyne is a voice actor and both trained in classical and physical theatre. Known to dabble in puppetry and giant costumes, Aisling also does voice acting for radio drama, comedy and audiobooks specializing in character voices.

Megan Selke

Megan is a voiceover artist, always learning and has trained with some of the top coaches in the industry. From animation and video games, commercials, corporate, to IVR and e-learning, Megan has the range to bring life to your message.

Matt Chester

Natalia Schwartz

Sally Vanderpump

Sally is an actor and voiceover artist. She also worked as a subeditor at The Sunday Times for more than 10 years and a trained in contemporary jewellery design and manufacture.

Madeline Biggs

Phil Rowe

Maren Schroeder

President and Chairwoman of the European International Shipowners’ Association of Portugal

If the experiences shared from those lovely clients tickle your walnuts, book a call with me to chat about coaching.