Client Stories

I’m very lucky as I get to work with lots of incredible people on their voice, accents and communication needs.

Some people just keep coming back, I can’t get rid of them! Luckily, I always have a great time and we seem to achieve lots in most cases. Don’t take my word for it, here are a few examples of the experiences in their words.

Bhavnisha Parmar

Bhav is a voiceover artist and actor. We have been working together 1-2-1 for 6 months and Bhav has also completed many of my live online courses.

Chris Devon

Chris is a voice artist, voice actor and blogger. We had 1-2-1 sessions together.

Jeremy Gibson

Jeremy has done online courses and 1-2-1 work on voiceover and accents. He's also a member of the Voice & Accent Hub and an avid listener to the Voice Coach Podcast.

Elizabeth Edgerton

Lizzie is a humanist celebrant working in the Scottish Borders. She chose to have a six session package, is an active member of The Voice & Accent Hub and Voice Coach Podcast fan!

If the experiences shared from those lovely clients tickle your walnuts, book a call with me to chat about coaching.