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3 voice warm-up mistakes people make before recording

Do you do a vocal warm-up before jumping on the mic to record your podcast or voiceover? Here are 3 voice warm-up mistakes people make before recording.

Taking too fecking long on your voice warm-up!

You can be vocally prepared in no time with the right exercises for your voice and speaking or recording context. Your vocal warm-up should last between 5-15 minutes. Remember, a speaking voice warm up is about preparation rather than the effort of actually doing the speaking job you’ve got to complete. As long as you’re including exercises that warm up the body, breath, sound and speech you’re on the right track.

Singing to warm-up before recording your speaking voice…

I know, there’s nothing more fun than busting out a bit of Mariah in the morning but unless your singing technique is perfect you risk making yourself a bit vocally tired before you even start the speaking you’ve got to do. So keep the tunes for weekend karaoke and stick to speaking voice warm-ups tailored to your vocal needs.

Starting your voice warm-up with the tongue twisters

Sure they’re fun, but they should come last. Use your speaking voice warm-up to release tension, get the breath flowing, explore your speaking range and then free up your articulators with hilarious twisters. Try an old classic like Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers to exercise the lips or a newer-soon-to-be-classic like Benedict Cumberbatch broke a delicate luggage rack. You’ll be ready to hop on the mic, hit record and be a true one take wonder!

To avoid these 3 voice warm-up mistakes people make before recording, and more, check out The Voice Coach Podcast here.

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