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Bespoke, tailored speaker coaching, unique to you.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Your voice is the only one of its kind in the whole world!

Only you can speak like you. How incredible. People need to hear it.

Don’t let nerves sabotage your speaking skills and make you sound monotone and uninteresting – let me help you harness them so your voice is expressive and engaging!

Don’t let that cringe you felt the first time you heard yourself in a recording stop you from starting your podcast – let me show you how to show up to the mic using your authentic voice.

Don’t let the pressure of that big presenting gig get the better of you – let me show you how to prep your body, mind, voice, script and delivery, so that you can really enjoy the experience and speak in a way that makes people listen.

From starting your podcast with a bang to owning the room your presenting in, from preparing to be interviewed by the press to stepping into the voiceover booth for the first time…

I can help you harness your nerves, develop your voice, structure your script and deliver the words in a so that your listener really feels something.

Your voice is unique. Your situation is unique.

If you’d like a unique experience, get in touch.

Ooh, I feel a bit emotional.

Email me with a bit of info on your situation here and we can arrange your free 30-minute discovery chat.

I can’t fecking wait.

Client Stories

But how do you know if I actually help people? Good question. A few clients have kindly shared their experience working with me, take a look.


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