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I’ve taught voice, voiceover & accents at some of the top drama schools & theatres across the UK.


My Northern Irish craic’s landed me a voiceover client list as long as yer arm including Tesco, the BBC and other impressive names.

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The Voice Coach Podcast

I bloody love a podcast, don’t you? And what better way to explore voice training than with me guiding you on your journey via weekly, bitesized voice lessons in podcast form.

Vocal Coach & Voiceover

Lending my voice to your project and helping others get the most out of theirs.

Hello there, I’m Nic Redman, a voice actor and voice/accent coach hailing from Northern Ireland and based in Cumbria, United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for an experienced female voiceover artist for your project, or a qualified voice coach and accent specialist to help with your vocal quandary – you’ll find everything you need here.

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Voice Demos

Here’s an introductory commercial audio demo for your ears.
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