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I help professional voice users explore their vocal potential so they can reach their speaking, recording and performance goals.

Voice Coaching

1-2-1 voice coaching
Voice direction
Online courses
Bespoke workshops

Spoken voice coach and voice director working internationally in voiceover recording, podcast production, broadcast media, presenting and PR.


My Northern Irish craic’s landed me a voiceover client list as long as yer arm including Tesco, the BBC and other impressive names.

Want to hear my demo reels?

As if that didn’t keep me busy enough, I have my own podcast, co-host The VO Social Podcast and I run the Voice and Accent Hub on Facebook for voiceovers, actors and narrators.

The Voice Coach Podcast

I bloody love a podcast, don’t you? And what better way to explore voice training than with me guiding you on your journey via weekly, bitesized voice lessons in podcast form. The Voice Coach Podcast was created with this in mind. It’s your one stop shop for all things speaker training, vocal health and hydration reminders.

With a host of 5* reviews and chart positions all over the place, it seems lots of people are really enjoying it.

Voice & Accent Hub

This community is your safe space to ask questions. There'll be tips and tricks, weekly Q & As and lots of other ways to explore your voice. I'll share interesting articles and findings about voice and accent and you'll also be the first to know about webinars and other development opportunities. Basically, it's your place to geek out about the voice without fear of judgement. Welcome, and speak out!

The Voiceover Social Podcast

And why have one podcast when you can have two, I hear you cry? Well, I agree. The Voiceover Social is my other podcast which I make with the, quite frankly, wonderful Leah Marks.

We take a deep dive into all things voiceover and audio, asking the tough questions and laughing a lot. It's award nominated and the UK’s most listened to voiceover podcast. We’re very proud of it, can you tell?


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