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Quick Voice Tips – Staying Hydrated for vocal health

Your vocal folds are covered in lovely mucus which needs to be slippery for ease of phonation (that’s the fancy term for speaking.)

Are you one of those people who forgets to drink water? There are a few things you can do to make staying hydrated a little easier:

Firstly, use an app

Use an app to help you stay track with your hydration goals. Hydrocoach or the Daily Water Tracker Reminder are great places to start. You can even link them up to bluetooth water bottles if you’re a gadget fanatic.

Secondly, pick things that you like

Like I said, it doesn’t have to just be water. Pick cordials that tickle your tastebuds, explore herbal teas and spruce up your fizzy water with fresh fruit juice. It can also help to keep it varied! I like to make sure I get a good range of fluids to keep things interesting.

Thirdly, why not find a friend to join you!

Find a pal to help you keep accountable is hugely powerful for habit building and self improvement. You might have a severely dehydrated friend can you can enlist them to up their drinking game too. It’s easy to help each other to stay on track with hydration goals by keeping in touch and even celebrating with a pint…of water!

Failing that? Treat yourself to a mug and bottle that make you smile. There’s always a way to help you drink more. Be creative and get yourself, and your vocal folds, wet!

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