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Whether it’s a radio interview, podcast, conference or live event, I love any chance to waffle on about voice, accents and communication.

Don’t tell anyone but I used to be a stand up comedian so the chance to merge my love of making people laugh and my love of voice into one context is almost too much to bear. It certainly means you’ll get an entertaining session. I’ve conveniently listed a few things below that I can talk on at the drop of a hat:

  • Vocal Health

    Up to date insights on how to look after your voice

  • Speaking skills

    Voice training tips and tricks all the way from the body, to breath and voice

  • Voice for podcasting and audio

    Mic technique, conversational reads and finding your voice

  • The Voiceover industry

Basically, anything to do with voice and accents. 

To book me for your event, drop me a message here…

Nic Redman in Earworm in Pod Pod

Delighted to share an Earworm with Pod Pod this week. It’s never hard to choose a great podcast (I listen to so fecking many!) but I wanted to shout out to this Irish indie one specifically. I could listen to Blind Boy read the phonebook to be fair. But he has just the most remarkable way of weaving comedy, politics, general knowledge and storytelling. Get it on your listening list now!

Video Contribution to Vocal Health Education Training

I was delighted to be asked to create a video for the Healthy Spoken Voice course for the folks over at Vocal Health Education. I did their training to become a Vocal Health First Aider a few years ago, so it’s a lovely full-circle moment! You can see a sneak preview on their Insta here.  For more info on the course, head here.

Nic Redman Featured in Women Who Podcast

It was a total honour to be interviewed for the 2 year anniversary edition of Women Who Podcast mag. I speak a little bit about how I ended up in podcasting, what I’m aiming to achieve with my podcast and lots of other things! It’s a great mag and worth a wee nosy. Check it out here

Nic Redman on The Thinking Voice Podcast

I was mad chuffed to be asked on to The Thinking Voice Podcast, run by the brainy folks over at Vocal Health Education. Things got a wee bit philosophical, but don’t worry, I still managed to say ‘feck’ and ‘craic’ a LOT so it was very on-brand. Thanks, Jenevora for a lovely natter! You can check out the brilliant training they provide here.

BBC Radio 5 Live – Chat with Adrian Chiles

I was asked onto BBC Radio 5 Live to comment on some recent comments by Oti Mbusi (of Strictly Come Dancing fame…) sharing how she found the Northern English accent hard. Adrian Chiles and I had a lovely wee chat about why some accents are harder to understand, which accents I struggle with and then he asked me to do my West Cork accent…well, you’ll have to listen to the end for that one! Thanks for the chat Adrian!


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Captivate FM Instagram Takeover

What happened when Captivate FM invited me to do an Instagram takeover? Well, exactly what you’d imagine. If you give the virtual keys to your house to a voice nerd you’re gonna get a lot of excellent vocal warm-up exercises, many hydration reminders and other vocal health tips. I also managed to answer lots of listener questions from podcasters hosting on the Captivate platform and even a wee behind-the-scenes tour of where I record my podcast. It was loads of fun! I’ve also done a session for their Growth Labs training portal. If you’re a podcaster using Captivate FM, make sure you check it out. Thanks for having me! You can get an extended free trial for 30 whole days here.

Guest Panel at Manchester Animation Festival

This week I head to Manchester Animation Festival to be a panel guest offering advice to animators on voice and voiceover for animation. I was joined by Julie Ann Dean from Scripts Out Loud and legendary animation director Barry Purves. What a brilliant bunch! The audience asked loads of insightful questions, I managed to only get on my soapbox about accents (briefly…!) and we chatted for ages. It’s so exciting to hear the ideas coming from the newer generations in the animation industry. Thank you for having me.

Janet Murray's Courageous Content at New Castle

Last week saw me speaking on a panel offering advice on voice for podcasting. The event was Courageous Content Live – a whole 2 days packed full of content marketing advice and training. Highly recommend it if you’re someone who is building your business online. Of course I didn’t say seated for long and ended up leading everyone in a few vocal warm ups! So glad the photographer captured this moment… I love speaking panels about voice, podcasting and VoiceOver. It’s such a great way to get into the nitty gritty and answer peoples questions. Also hip gyration of course… Thanks to Janet Murray for asking me and Captivate for hosting!

Interview On Speechless Vocal Health For Voiceover

I had a lovely chat with the girls at Speechless all about vocal health for Voice-over. If there’s one thing I’ll chat on about till the end of time it’s the importance of understanding the latest, up-to-date, fully researched and well informed vocal health guidance, and not just believing every random yet well meaning comment about putting Vicks vapour rub on your feet and shouting to the moon every Tuesday while drinking honey, to help your voice. Tune in here for myth debunking and me accidentally-kind-of-probably-upsetting some dead important person in America by saying their vocal health guidance was wrong… oops!

Facilitated a workshop at VOcation Conference in New York City

I was delighted to be asked by the team at VOcation Conference to hit up the big apple aka NYC with my good pal and Voiceover Social Podcast host Leah Marks. We facilitated a workshop on Planning Your Way to VO Victory! We thought the title of the session was a brilliant fusion of US and British enthusiasms!

I also spoke on a Main Stage panel around the topic of what it’s like working internationally in VO at the moment, how things have changed, are changing and how VOs can plan for the future. It was lovely. Also we ate a lot of huge New York food. Win win.

Interviewed by Lee Midlane of The Video Production Podcast

After taking part in the 60 Second Summit, Lee Midlane asked me to join her for a chat about all things voice on The Video Production Podcast. Tune in here for lots of chat about voice and being in vision.

Metro Article - Why You Need To Look After Your Vocal Health And How To Do It

I was asked to share some tips on why it’s important to look after your vocal health for this week. The piece was focusing how everyone can benefit from working on their voice due to the holistic nature of voice work. It encompasses the mind, body and breath which are areas of our lifestyle we’re being encouraged to look after more and more these days. We’re all voice users, whether it’s using your voice for recording, speaking in meetings or simply ordering your morning coffee! Having a voice and the ability to use it day to day is a privilege and we should all be looking after it. You can read the full article here.

BBC Radio Scotland, Kaye Adams Morning Show

A lot has changed for me and the hubs during this pandemic. We’ve actually moved house and gone into business together. The folks at BBC Radio Scotland fancied a chat with us about how our relationship dynamic has changed. They were angling for some dirt on how much we irritate each other but, we don’t! So there wasn’t any. We had a lovely chat about what it’s like being a married couple who also work together and discussed how much we need to practise cooking eggs. You can listen in here from about 70 mins in.

Family friendly working - business profile

Juggling work and family life can be hard which is why I jumped at the chance to jabber on about it for this profile piece in Family Friendly Working. If you’re interested in a few tips on how I manage to stay sane through it all, you can check it out here.

The Times Radio - Guest Accent Expert

Stop press! The Metro are saying (based on research by Mat Met Uni…) that Northerners are losing their distinctive accents. Well, I got asked to go on to The Carol Walker show on Times Radio to have a wee chat about it. There was myself, Carole the host and socio-linguist Mercedes Durham. We had a right old chin wag. I’ve popped it below. In essence, as you can probably guess from my usual chat, it’s all hail regional distinction from me! I had to stay up until midnight to do it so I was just happy words came out in the form of sentences.

Pods Up North, Pods Up Level Up Masterclass - Guest Voice Expert

As a podcaster & a voice geek I’m sure you can guess how excited I was to be asked to speak at Pods Up Level Up, the online manifestation of the Pods Up North Conference. I had a mini slot to whizz through a few top voice tips for podcast presenters and to take Ant ‘good sport’ McGinley through some silly voice exercises.

This gang are determined to help people improve their podcasting skills and they’re fab at it. You can watch the event back here and if you’re into podcasting I urge that you do. Now! Go.

The Voiceover Network, Wellness Week - Panel Guest

Having written a few articles for The Buzz magazine, I was chuffed to be asked to speak on a panel for The Voiceover Network’s Wellness Week. I was joined by a nutrition expert and a mental health expert, both things hugely important for wellness. It was really interesting to hear some of the cross overs between what we were all suggestion. Hydration, breath and body work people! Get on it.

Manchester Animation Festival - Panel Guest

I’m a huge fan of animation and a huge fan of Manchester and have attended Manchester Animation Festival in the past. So when we were able to organise a collaboration with them for a live episode recording of The Voiceover Social Podcast, gosh darn it did we have fun. Leah and. I decided it was time to bridge the gap between voice actors and animators so we set up a panel discussion on voice acting and voice directing followed by a workshop facilitating animators and voice actors working together. The participants had a really worthwhile time working on a script written especially for us by the legend that is Mark Owain (of Dangermouse and others…!). You can hear the episode here. It’s really worth a listen if you’re working in animation.

Story Exchange - 1000 Stories Feature

I had a lovely chance to share my journey, inspirations and views on success with The Story Exchange. There’s a lot I’ve learned from reading about other peoples experiences so it’s always nice to think there may be someone out there feeling a little inspired by what I do.

The Guardian - Accent Article

I was quoted in this piece in The Guardian, by Matt Dathan, discussing whether accents really hinder your job prospects. I’m a huge advocate of embracing your accent, finding ways to make it work for you, and always willing to give my opinion on the topic! 

Speakers Week - Guest Presenter

In the online world we now live, one of the fun things I get asked to do is guest in other peoples Facebook groups. The Presentation SCORE group is populated with people who are speakers and I was asked to do an FB live to the group offering some, you guessed it, voice tips for speakers. It was a lovely session and the members seemed really chuffed to have spent a morning making silly noises with me. Job done.

You’re Popping Podcast - Vo & Voice Coach Interview

The very pleasant Simon Lipson asked me to come onto his chatty podcast You’re Popping to talk all things voice over and voice coaching. There is the usual voice geekery from me, some lovely stories from Simon and a few behinds the scenes gossip nuggets.

House Of Coco, 28 Days Of Joy - Guest Speaker, Voice Tips

I’m well aware of the joy that voice work can bring to people so was delighted to join Laura Bartlett from House of Coco in her pop up Facebook group 28 Days of Joy to offer up voice exercises. The group was set up to bring joy to people during the pandemic. And if lip trilling and making silly noises doesn’t bring joy, well I don’t know what will. We had a jolly good laugh.

Get Visible Podcast - Voice Expert

I was delighted to be asked by Anna to appear on her podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible to talk about shoehorns. Jokes, it was voice, as per. Anna asked me to give her many listeners some insight into why voice care is important and a few tips and tricks for getting the most from your voice. We chatted about voice technique, vocal identity and amoebas. Long story… Check it out. And if you’re an entrepreneur in any way just binge the whole podcast. It’s really very good.

Brainz Magazine - Expert Feature

If I could only tell my old teachers that I’ve been featured in something called Brainz. They’d be very impressed. Or shocked.

But there you go. It was lovely to see my Voice for Zoom tips up on their Instagram stories. I shall wear that one proudly.

Need a brain? Here I am. Topics limited to voice, accent and voice over. And maybe crisps.

I’m just using words to fill the space now to match this awkward formatting issue with the long insta-story image.

I hope you’re enjoying this.

The Conscious Business Circle - Inspirational Interview

Sometimes I chat about voice or accents and sometimes I get asked to talk about other things. This interview with Alison Callan, of The Conscious Business Circle, was about how I built my business with a view to inspiring others. I mean, we ended up talking about the power of your voice in business and all things accents alway, but it was lots of fun! And the first interview I’d done for anyone in Australia.

The VO School Podcast - Guest Interview

Guys, I’ve gone global. In the podcast sphere anyway! NYC based Jamie Muffet, from The VO School Podcast, and I had a ruddy great chat about vocal health. So if you’d like to hear me trying to explain how to check your alignment with just my voice and no visual aids, check it out! Listen to it, and many other excellent episodes on how to get stuck into voice over, right here.

The Success Club - Interview With Spoon The Voice Guy

Had a lovely chat with Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell from The Success Tips a few weeks ago. He’s got to be one of the most calming fellas I’ve had the pleasure of throwing my voice knowledge at. Spoon has a great thing going here at The Success Tips and you can see our chat about, you guessed it, voice.., right here.

Sound Advice Podcast - Accent & Dialects Webinar

The lovely folks at Sound Advice approached me to do a webinar with them on accents and dialects. We discussed all things, well, accents and dialects and had a jolly good natter about approaches. They got some super resources and a podcast you know. Check that out here.

The Buzz Magazine - “Learn From The Best” Edition

What a treat to be included in this special edition of the Buzz Magazine titled ‘Learn from the Best’. Not only was I very honoured to be included but it gave me lots of inspiration regarding who I’d like to learn from next! Every day is a school day.

BBC Radio Manchester - Accent Chat

I was called upon by Alison and Phil to talk about accents. A quick tour of a few Celtic accents ensued from me, along with chat about the wonders of regional sounds. That’s one way to start a Friday, at 7 am, live on air.

Mel Magazine - Interview

I was approached to give my two pence to Mel Magazine for an article entitled “What lockdown silence is doing to my voice”. We did it over Zoom. Of course we did. You can read it here. You can also read articles about pizza and Tom Cruise going to space. It’s quite the publication.

The Buzz Magazine - “Re-Energise Your Career” Edition

Delighted to be asked to contribute to The Buzz magazine, from The Voice Over Network, again this edition. The theme was ‘re-energising your career’ so I penned a few tips for ‘re-energising your voice’. I hope you find it useful. And isn’t that a nice mug?! #stayhydrated #productplacement

BBC Radio Manchester - “Accentism Project” Comment

The incredible research team at MMU have set up The Accentism Project – “uncovering and challenging language-based prejudice and discrimination in everyday life.” They are calling for people to get in touch with their experience of accent based prejudice. This was something I became aware of as a Northern Irish person when I first moved to Manchester. Many new uni friends regularly mocked my accent and commented on how funny it was when I said certain things; ‘haau naaau braaaun caaaau’ (how now brown cow) and the classic ‘paaarrrrr shaaarrr’ (power shower) etc.., One man used to regularly ask me to whisper the word ‘weetabix’ into his ear…hmm. Luckily I was comfortable with my accent and didn’t really let it bother me. But others haven’t been so lucky. I was asked my opinion for a BBC Radio Manchester feature on the topic last week. Below is a brief clip of how I feel we need to tackle this last form of acceptable prejudice…

Connecting Creatives Podcast - Interview

So I’ve been chatting to the folks at the Connecting Creatives Podcast about all things voice, shock horror. Jess & George came to my studio with their snazzy mics and we chatted about Manchester, voice-over and sheep. All the hot topics. You can listen to the episode on Spotify, Soundcloud and Twitter. Follow them on Twitter for more chats with creative types.

The Irish Post - “Ten Minutes With...”

A quick “Ten Minutes With…” feature for The Irish Post where I finally get to mention my love of Meatloaf in an interview. About time too. 

In! Magazine - “Inspirational People” Irish Voice Over Artist

IN! Magazine, based in Northern Ireland, were kind enough to include Nic Redman Voice in their IN!spirational People feature, showcasing interesting new businesses. Honoured to be amongst a group of incredibly focused young start ups. Watch out world!

Ireland’s Big Issue - “A Day In The Life” Feature

A little ‘Day in the Life…’ feature in Ireland’s Big Issue, describing what it’s like being a voice actor, sharing secrets about being able to work in my PJs. Delighted to be able to write for this magazine and support a great cause.

I And The Village - Accent Coaching Work

On this production I coached accents and character voicing techniques for the multi-role playing cast. It was an honour and a joy to work with them. A cracking piece of new writing with an excellent cast and team.