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Matt Chester - Client Story

Voiceover Artist

How did you feel before we started working together? Did you have any specific problems or issues? What were you struggling with? What worries did you have?

So before we started, I had a real problem listening to my voice (even though I think most people do). I really felt like my voice was restricted and sound garbled.

How did you feel after the course was finished?

 I feel like I have a must better understanding of what was going on with my body and vocal track and why I was experiencing what I was/am.

What specific result did you see as a result of us working together?

One big thing I notice I was able to breathe easier and less strained when I am talking for a long stretch.

What did you like best about the experience of working with me?

What was really helpful to me, was that you were able to demonstrate everything easily, you have a very strong, intelligent grasp of what you’re trying to instill and that made it easier for me to learn it because you could explain it many different ways.

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

 I would say do it 100%. 

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