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Chris Devon - Client Story

Voice artist, voice actor and blogger

How did you feel before we started working together? Did you have any specific problems or issues? What were you struggling with? What worries did you have?

Before meeting Nic I enjoyed some success in the voiceover business but it was time to take some practical sensible steps to grow. Vocal training is a no-brainer if you want to grow your career effectively and responsibly. As character acting and audiobooks is my speciality, good vocal health and techniques is going to be essential to my longevity. I was in much need of help keeping my voice in good condition for long studio sessions!

How did you feel after the project was finished?

My first experience training with Nic was a group training session, followed by my first 121 coaching session online. My first session with Nic gave me practical steps to achieve and maintain a better physical condition for long form narration. Later in the year I booked a 2nd session which has only increased my knowledge and skills further.

Were you pleasantly surprised by any aspect of working together?

Again, I feel like I’ve known Nic for years, she’s a joy to know. I could comfortably chat to Nic about voice acting for 6 hours and it would feel like six minutes. I knew I’d pick up some useful tips and skills, but beyond that I really feel like my goals are so much more achievable now.

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

First, think about what you want to get out of your voiceover journey, what areas you feel you specialise in and have an honest think about where you’re at. If you can provide Nic with these three pieces of information, I guarantee she will give you genuine, achievable steps to up your game.

What did you like best about the experience of working with me?

I feel like I’ve known Nic for years. I feel this can be quite an isolating business, especially these days. Working with Nic on a 1-2-1 basis and being part of the community she has built on Facebook and with her podcasts has given me and many others the confidence to do voiceover right. Yes, it’s a competitive business, but it’s built on individuals with unique personalities, so we might as well have each other’s backs. Nic is a great representative of this.

What specific result did you see as a result of us working together?

The time it takes to get in to the right general flow for an audiobook is drastically reduced. I’m making less mistakes, i’m able to narrate for longer periods of time without fatigue and i’m not feeling any of the side effects of long recording sessions I used to experience in previous years.  

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