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Aisling Leyne - Case Study

Voice Actor

Aisling Leyne is a voice actor and both trained in classical and physical theatre. Known to dabble in puppetry and giant costumes, Aisling also does voice acting for radio drama, comedy and audiobooks specializing in character voices. 

How did you feel before we started working together? Did you have any specific problems or issues? What were you struggling with? What worries did you have?

I definitely felt a sense of panic approaching the mic. Not fear, but I would feel my stomach start to tighten and find it difficult to inhale smoothly. It felt almost like I had to inhale in sections, and then not always have enough breath to finish a sentence. It worried me because even though this is the only thing I want to do, I slightly dreaded having to record and I constantly questioned my ability. 

How did you feel after the course was finished?

So much more relaxed and focused. I no longer feel the physical panic and I get excited about recording. I practise some techniques and feel my confidence growing with every bit I do.

What specific result did you see as a result of us working together?

I can hear the difference in my recording – I’m no longer stealing gulps of air in between words. My delivery is smoother and I’m no longer thinking about what I’m doing, I’m just focusing on delivering the text.

What did you like best about the experience of working with me?

Getting on the floor! Each time was like a mini retreat. Even though it was work I felt relaxed and focused on doing something purely for me and my vocal development. Having the one-to-one sessions also meant you could pinpoint specific things I was doing & help me correct them. 

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Give time in between sessions to build on what you’re learning and do the work daily. It doesn’t stop once the project finishes either so be willing to find time for it.

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