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Bhavnisha Parmar – client Story

Voice over artist and actor

We have been working together 1-2-1 for 6 months and Bhav has also completed many of my live online courses.

How did you feel before we started working together? Did you have any specific problems or issues? What were you struggling with? What worries did you have?

At the start, I felt a little bit nervous and overwhelmed. There is so much to learn about the voice and so much to take in. Lots of moving parts as it were! For me I struggled with jaw tension, supported breath and sometimes my pitch too – especially the higher range. For me I was worried about whether I was doing things right and not damaging my voice!

How did you feel after the course was finished?

Confident and in control, for sure. I felt like I had an understanding and awareness to respond to my vocal needs on different days and different projects. I also had tools and access points to specific issues which is a real time saver on those busy days!

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

DO IT! Nic is not only a wonderful, funny lass but an all round great coach who is constantly on the pulse of what’s happening in the vocal world. She brings bags of knowledge, actionable tools and is always tailoring to you.

What part of the process was most difficult for you, and how could I have helped to make it easier?

Nothing specific springs to mind, but just getting myself to focus more in the hour really. That’s not down to Nic, that’s just training around a busy schedule! Nic always asked how things were which was great. It’s just about getting my brain and body to be more present… Any wonderful tips Nic has, bring em on! 😊

What did you like best about the experience of working with me?

Any question I had was answered in a really understandable way. A way that I could practically and easily action myself. Also Nic is a hoot. You laugh through your sessions and feel supported which is such a brilliant quality in a coach.

What specific result did you see as a result of us working together?

Supported breath for sure. Better articulation and resonance and more confidence in my warm ups and cool downs between sessions.

If you’d like to experience some of the wonderful things Bhav has working with me, take a look at what I offer here…