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3 reasons why online voice coaching online is better than in-person

Online coaching is so hot right now, from yoga to business, cooking to voice! It’s easy to focus on the things you could be missing when you take classes online. Fear not, friend! Here are 3 reasons why online voice coaching is better than in-person.

  1. You don’t have to leave the house! How great is that?! No stressful or tiring commute to put you in a bad place to open up to releasing tension and exploring your voice. It’s also easier to fit it into your scheulde without the extra travel time either side. Plus it saves money and the environmental impact of your journey. Everyone wins.
  2. Your choice of coaches expands! No longer do you need to pick a coach within a 50-mile radius. You can work with any coach in the world even that amazing coach from the other side of the world you’ve been following on Instagram for a year. A little bit of time zone juggling and away you go!
  3. You’re in your own personal space. Where better to feel comfortable making strange noises and silly faces than in your own house? Many of my clients really appreciate being familiar with their surroundings when exploring some of the exercises we do in voice sessions.

    If you’ve got a question about how voice classes work online, get in touch! Registration for my 6-week course, The Vocal Empowerment Programme, is happening right now. If you want to learn what your voice needs and the exercises to use to have an expressive, engaging and easy voice on the microphone, then why not give it a try? Reach out to me here with any questions!

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