The Complete VOCAL Empowerment Programme

Your complete 6 week course to becoming your own voice coach
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Take control of your vocal health and learn how to prepare, maintain and develop your authentic speaking voice so that you can communicate your message with impact every time.

Uniquely designed to target the 5 key areas of voice training that will solve those all-too-common vocal issues that pop up repeatedly and stop you from speaking confidently, comfortably & consistently.

And all in the comfort of your own home. 

You don’t even need to take your slippers off. 



• You don't know where to start with your vocal warm up
• You don’t know how to look after your voice effectively
• You're tired of repeating uninspiring voice exercises
• Your warm up isn’t working
• You don’t understand what the exercises you’re doing are actually for
• You get vocally tired with no apparent reason
• You can’t speak for extended periods
• You get ‘tongue-tied’ on certain sounds
• You run out of breath so you can’t ‘get the ends’ of longer phrases
• You voice feels physically stuck in your throat or constricted talking feels an effort
• Your voice is nasal, monotone or screechy (or someone has told you it is!)
• You lack confidence to share your work
• The COVID era has affected your mind, body and vocal freedom

It can feel like there are a lot of things in your way when it comes to improving your speaking – BUT, all is not lost! 

All you want is to be sure you can consistently rely on your voice to allow you to communicate with your listener in an engaging and empowered way. 

You want to be safe in the knowledge that you can warm up, develop your voice and look after your vocal health so that you’re always ready to record, present or perform with confidence. 


The Vocal Empowerment Programme will teach you how to...


The Complete Vocal Empowerment Programme is a comprehensive, innovative approach to preparing your voice for speaking. 

The programme offers an accessible approach to voice training so that you can feel confident that you know what you’re doing when preparing to speak either live in person, online or when completing pre-recorded projects. 

You’ll discover ways to help yourself speak more easily, with quality and variety, to consistently engage with your listeners.

Over 6 weeks I’ll walk you through my proven framework of BODY, BREATH, SOUND & SPEECH and teach you the different stages of vocal preparation and development working with the holistic nature of your voice.

By exploring, aligning and connecting these stages, you will understand exactly what your voice needs and how to create a vocal warm up that gets you there.


A highly practical, fun and explorative course (yes, get ready to make lots of mad faces and weird noises!)  

And it’s not just about the ‘doing’ of the exercises, you’ll also experience and connect with how different exercises affect your voice so you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

You’ll learn the science behind the silly so the exercises will mean more to you and your practise becomes more efficient. 

This means you’ll also gain an understanding of how to troubleshoot when your voice feels tired after illnesses. 


The Vocal Empowerment Programme Graduates


I’m giving you the knowledge to look after your voice plus ALL the tools you need to have an impactful, healthy voice and not need me every day!

I’m empowering you to become  your own voice coach.

(Am I mad? Maybe just a little bit…but I’ll still be here when you’re hungry for more and there’s always more!)

This is the perfect course for you if you’re ready to have confidence and control over your speaking voice for more consistent and expressive communication. 

Nic redman coaching the vocal empowerment programme
Nic redman coaching the vocal empowerment programme



(so lots of me! That’s a good thing by the way!)

Session Schedule:

Teaching session every Monday at 1:30pm-3:00pm UK (30th Jan, 6th Feb, 13th Feb, 27th Feb, 6th Mar & 13th Mar)

Support session is at 8:00pm-9:00pm UK (2nd Feb, 9th Feb, 16th Feb, 1st Mar, 8th Mar & 15th Mar)


  • WEEK 1

    THE BODY - Voice/body connection, alignment and physical release

  • WEEK 2

    THE BREATH, AWARENESS - Raising breath awareness and exploring breath release

  • WEEK 3

    THE BREATH, CAPACITY - Exploring breath capacity, connection to breath support, using the right amount of breath

  • WEEK 4

    THE VOICE - Understanding pitch and variety for vocal expression

  • WEEK 5

    THE SHAPES & THE SPEECH - Introduction to sound shaping and increasing clarity of speech

  • WEEK 6

    THE ROUTINE - How to bring it all together, vocal safety checkpoints, gentle rehab exercises

Nic redman coaching the vocal empowerment programme
Nic redman coaching the vocal empowerment programme




My name is Nic and I’m a spoken voice coach, voice over artist and podcaster working internationally with people on vocal technique, accents and communication.

I’ve worked in many of the major conservatoires in the UK and trained with the likes of Kristen Linklater, Barbara Houseman and Cicely Berry.

My international 1-2-1 practice helps professional voice users with any number of voice issues and concerns from vocal rehab and stamina to articulation, range and breath work.

My speciality is combining my expert voice training experience with my daily work as a professional voice user to pinpoint the main voice technique issues that hinder and hold back speakers day to day.

I’ve helped 100’s of voiceovers, podcasters, speakers and presenters with voice technique for over 7 years and have developed  a range of training methods that are proven to make your job easier and more enjoyable!

I enable my  clients to experience more voice control, vocal stamina and understanding of their instruments capabilities.


Kate cocker guest expert in vocal empowerment programme

NAME OF SESSION: Mastering the mindset and confidence to regularly implement your new vocal routine

Kate Cocker (aka The Presenter Coach) is the host of the ‘Everyday Positivity’ Podcast’. Kate helps broadcasters like you to connect with their audience in their own way, using techniques and tools to beat your nerves, tell your stories and be able to feel like “you”, wherever you have to speak. 

Kate will be running an exclusive masterclass on the course to help you set daily vocal habits and a master a positive mindset to implement the new techniques so you will feel ready mentally and physically ready to embody your new voice routine.


The Investment

£ 597.00


£ 597
  • PLUS Access to additional expert guest masterclasses
  • PLUS FREE Tongue Training & Jaw Release Week courses


Pay in 3 monthly instalments of £199
£ 199
  • 3 x payments of £199



The teaching and Q&A sessions take place via Zoom links which will be sent to you via email each week.

The course starts on Monday 30th of January and runs over 7 weeks with a 1 week break in the middle. 

The 60 - 90 minute live teaching session will be each Monday at approx 1:30pm UK time.

The additional 60 minute Q&A will be each Wednesday/Thursday at approx 8:00pm UK time, with the final session taking place on Wednesday 15th of March.

The sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal. When you register for the course you’ll get a log in to the portal where you can catch up on all the sessions in your own time.

 Of course. All the sessions will take place in zoom and uploaded to your course portal so you can access them there. As long as you allow Nic Redman Voice to email you with updates for the duration of the course, you’ll have all the links you need. The FB group is just there for extra community, support and easy access to me for any questions. You can also reach me via email.

Yes, absolutely. It will give you a comprehensive intro to how your voice works, the exercises you can do to prepare it and look after it, as well as lots of inspiration for further study and reading.

Yes, absolutely.  There’s always more to learn and working with different practitioners is a great way to add new exercises to your repertoire and change things up. The voice coaching world is always being updated with new research so it’s important to top your skills up regularly.

Yes, these will be recorded and emailed to those who have access. They will be available to view until the end of the course.

So, that’s about the bones of it!
Incase you need a tiny recap;