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Jaw Release Week + Tongue Training Course Bundle

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Jaw Release Week

This course will support you through a 5 day program of awareness and release exercises for the jaw; one of the primary articulators of sound and a key component in vocal freedom

  • Learn how to release the tension in your jaw

  • Explore how jaw release can make speaking easier, increase vocal range and expression

Tongue Training Course

This course will introduce you through a 5 day program of awareness, release and toning exercises for the tongue; one of the main articulators of speech and a key component when it comes to vocal clarity

  • Increase your vocal clarity and improve your diction

  • Experience how a freer tongue can make speaking easier and more varied

  • Gain more volume and pitch variety with minimal effort

Course Bundle

Jaw Release Week + Tongue Training Course
£ 45
  • Gain access to Jaw Release Week Course + Tongue Training Course
  • 5 consecutive days of training videos
  • Lifetime access to the materials to revisit work
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