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The Voice Coach Podcast

For people who work with the spoken voice – speakers, actors, podcasters, voiceover artists and presenters.

Nic Redman, leading vocal coach, shares insights and knowledge on how to improve your speaking voice and vocal health, whether you are performing or presenting on stages, on microphone or presenting on camera. Vocal care impacts your performance, your vocal clarity and your presentation delivery.

Learn how to go beyond a basic warm up to stand out vocally and look after your voice properly.


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Voice and Accent Hub

This community is your safe space to ask questions. There’ll be tips and tricks, weekly Q & As and lots of other ways to explore your voice. I’ll share interesting articles and findings about voice and accent and you’ll also be the first to know about webinars and other development opportunities. Basically, it’s your place to geek out about the voice without fear of judgement. Welcome, and speak out!