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How to write a conversational podcast script

Hey there, podcasting pal! Are you tired of sounding like a robot reading from a script? Do you want to add a wee bit of personality to your podcast? Well, I’ve got a few tips for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to write a conversational podcast script to keep your listener engaged and coming back for more.

Often the first tip people give for sounding conversational on a podcast is don’t read from a script, just talk around some bullet points. But that’s not for everyone. It can be nerve-wracking if you’re a new podcaster, especially if you have specific info or facts to share that need to be accurate. You can still sound conversational if you’re reading word-for-word, if that’s your preference, you just need to know how to write a conversational podcast script.

Here come the script-writing tips!

  • Write as you speak

One of the podcasters’ biggest mistakes is trying to sound perfect. You don’t need to use big words or complicated sentence structures. Write as you speak – use contractions, slang, and informal language. Your listeners will appreciate the authenticity and feel like they’re having a conversation with you. You could even write it by speaking it into a transcription app and then tweaking it afterwards.

  • Don’t be afraid of the LOLs

Jokes are a powerful tool for keeping your audience interested. If you’re a funny fecker in real life, then let that come into your writing too. It’ll help your listener have an emotional response when they’re listening and that’s great for making people feel a part of the conversation.

  • Perfection isn’t perfect

Don’t aim for perfection. It’s boring and not what we’re used to as listeners in normal conversations anyway. So write in slang, casual phrases, different length thoughts and all the things you usually use when you’re chatting with pals. You can even add a few ums, ahs, and filler words, if you like.

Sounding conversational when you record using a script takes time. Read it out loud, record yourself and listen back to hear how you sound. With time you’ll find confidence and flow with sounding conversational every time you hit record.

So there you go. Don’t be perfect, throw a few gags in there and write as you speak, or even, write by speaking! With these tips, you’ll be able to create a podcast that feels like a casual conversation with yer mate. So crack on, grab your mic, and get talking! For more on sounding conversational, have a listen to this ep of The Voice Coach Podcast.

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