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How to warm up your voice for podcasting

Need to know how to vocally warm up for podcasting? 

Never fear!

Here are my top voice tips to help you warm up your voice for podcasting even if you’re a total newbie.

Start with the whole body and get moving!  

Have a jump around, jiggle your arms and legs and generally do something active. Get your whole body involved. Energising the body in your warm up encourages a freer breath and a more focused voice.  

Then release tension! 

Tension is the enemy of an easy voice so get stretching. Shoulder rolls, rib stretches and hip circles are a great way to let go of unnecessary tension. You’ll find you it much easier to speak and have the breath you need.  

Next – explore your pitch range 

Glide up and down your vocal range on a gentle sound like a hum, v, or th. This can help your speaking voice have more variety and expression and allow to avoid sounding monotone or boring in your delivery. You could even have a wee sing song to get your voice moving.  

Now, make some silly faces! 

Move your face around to stretch out the cheeks, lips and tongue means you’ll be able to form sounds more easily and trip up over your words less. Try massaging your cheeks, jiggling your lips with your finger and talking with your tongue out to help free up the muscles.  

Finally – tongue twister time. 

Pick a few silly tongue twisters to get the tongue and lips shaping the words easily. Try wicked cricket critic, black background brown background or shelly sells shiny shoes to get you started. Keep them light and precise with minimal volume.

Want to learn more about how warming your voice up helps as a podcaster? Check out my other blog “5 ways warming up your voice will make you a better podcaster” and snag yourself this helpful warming up for podcasting resource.

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