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Why bother with a Vocal Warmup?

Why should I do a vocal warmup anyway?

Let’s not mess around, I’m answering that age-old question “Why should I do vocal warmup anyway?” If I had a quid for every time I got asked that… I would have quite a few quids! Anyway, it’s the most common question I get as a voice coach and I get it. Sometimes I’m not in the right headspace either (don’t tell anybody) But, I promise, a vocal warmup always helps your voice. 

Of course, you need to be doing the right exercises for your particular voice and environment and speaking context, but the simple answer to why should I do a vocal warm-up is – it helps you have a speaking voice that is easier to understand, more expressive and responsive to your emotional and communication needs.

Bonus point, a voice warm-up will help harness your nerves. 

But look, I think those are the pretty obvious, simple answers! So I wanted to give you a few other reasons why you should warm up before you record your podcast, or present in public or even just have a chat at the networking event. Because when the drinks are flowing and you’re chatting away, sometimes we don’t use our voices most efficiently.

Let’s have three less obvious reasons as to why you should warm up your voice before you speak, in most to least obvious order…

Number Three: A speaking voice warm-up will reduce your vocal tiredness.

Warming up your voice will reduce vocal tiredness. This means that your voice quality is consistent from the start of your recording session, to the end of it. So you’ll have a consistent quality of voice. This is incredibly important if you’re recording a batch of podcast episodes, doing six or seven in a day. Your voice will get tired. A quick warm-up will reduce vocal fatigue and increase the consistency of your vocal quality. 

Number Two: It’s really fun to do a vocal warm-up!

Sorry to channel the substitute geography teacher vibes but it’s really fun. Shall we all just have a bit of laff, yeah guys? It’s really silly warming up. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know, there are a lot of silly faces and a lot of mad noises, which is wonderful for releasing tension and make you giggle. What better way to start your day?! Have a bit of fun – or as we say in Ireland, havin’ the craic! Look, we’re all trying to be  more aware of our mental health these days. Fun equals a release of tension, which is good for both your mind and your voice. 

Number One: It’s good for you as you age! 

Face Yoga, anyone?! As someone who will have to communicate until the day you depart this mortal coil, truth bomb – your voice is muscles, your breath is muscles and what happens when we age? Your muscles go to ****. 

It’s true – move it, or lose it! And it’s the same with voice. You’re supposed to move every day and do exercise of some kind to keep your joints healthy, or your muscles toned and your fitness up, and you’re supposed to eat right to keep your insides healthy. Plus loads of other habits for long-term general life survival. A wee warm-up every day will stop you from losing your vocal dexterity and allow you to communicate well into old age without sounding like an ancient cartoon character whose been living under a bridge.

You learn so much about your body, your voice, and mind as you warm up. Where you hold tensions, how your alignment feels, and that’s so good for you generally. You find out what’s going on with your breath. If you’re having a period where you’re busy, does your breath feel high and is that why you’re feeling more anxious? Doing a voice warmup and engaging with this stuff day to day, it helps your voice and it helps your entire holistic existence on the planet as a healthy functioning human. I assume you’re human but I shan’t ask any further questions…. 

So, why should you do a voice warm-up before you record your podcast or voiceover? It’s fun, it keeps you speaking for longer and it’s hugely beneficial for your voice as you age.

What are you waiting for? Download a free vocal warm-up for podcasting, voiceover or public speaking here.

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