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This week, after the Christmas, podcast birthday and Valentine’s Day’s hiatus, we get straight back into the step-by-step voice training process. We’ll pick up right where we left back in episode 48 to start with sound shaping. In this episode, we’ll revisit what consonants and vowels are and what they mean to us from a speech perspective. We’ll also explore how to exploit vowels and consonants’ sound structures and energy in our favour to add volume, emotional connection, expression and clarity to our speech. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– There are more than five vowels in spoken language, and the number varies according to our language and accent

– The differences between vowels and consonants from a speech perspective

– The effects of a speech that is more consonant or vowel heavy on the listener, and why it should be balanced

Keeping an audience engaged depends not only on the message’s content but also on how it’s communicated. A perfectly articulated speech without emotion would be as disengaging as a discourse full of emotion without clarity. Therefore, we should balance the feelings expressed in the vowels with the clarity and understanding provided by the sound of the consonants. 


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