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Today we will start the next stage of our voice prep journey. We’ve already worked on physical release, breath, resonance, bringing the voice in, and now we will start with articulation.

As a first step, we will define what articulation is, how it can improve our voicing, and present every element involved in it to get familiar with the articulation terminology. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What articulation is about, and its relationship with accents

– What the articulators are, and the difference between passive and active articulators

– The difference between voiced and unvoiced consonants

– What plosive consonants are, and what a fricative is

There is a misconception about articulation and accents. As long as the message is understood, there is no need for making any adjustments to our accent. For us, articulation is about getting our articulators released and toned to produce the sounds we need to make. 


– Voice & Accent Hub

– Articulation – Merriam Webster definition

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