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In this episode, we are analysing the importance of in- and out-breathing. Understanding the in-breathing as the fuel for voicing, and out-breathing as the mechanism responsible for producing sound, we will go through a simple exercise to gain awareness of the pause between breathings, or to notice any tendencies to hold air unnecessarily.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The adverse effects of holding our breath

– The origin of the word inspiration, and how our thoughts are connected to in-breathing

– Why the exhale is the most potent process of using our voice

– The importance of finding the balance between breathing in and breathing out

– A simple exercise to gain awareness of our out-breath

Speaking is a holistic experience, and breathing affects the quality of the voice we produce and our vocal freedom. The tension created by holding our breath will affect the power of our voice to connect and communicate our message with clarity. By being fully aware of our out-breath, we will ensure that the body is naturally dropping as much air as it needs to. 


– Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater

– Autonomic nervous system

– The psychology of exhaling

– Etemology of the word ‘inspire’

– The Voice and Accent Hub 

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