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Today, I will walk you through a preparatory physical bodywork that will help you release tension. Learning how to loosen any tightness in our bodies is essential before starting with the fundamentals of voice training. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Alignment and posture – mandatory step #1

– Spine roll – secrets and techniques

– From spine roll to crouch transition

– The shoulder clock movement

– From curious dog to ‘what are you looking at’ position

– Drawing the infinity symbol with our nose

Awareness of alignment and tension is a must before any voice training. As voicing is a holistic experience, any isolated tension in our bodies might lead us to low-quality performance and perhaps even voice damage in the long term. While doing these tension release exercises, it is vital to allow the breath to keep flowing and to go through this bodywork with a curious mind, observing the body’s response.


– Vocal Rehabilitation/Primal Voice – Dane Chalfin

– Spine roll and release routine video

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