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How to become a better podcaster with a vocal warm-up. 

Ok, podcaster pal.  You have the equipment and know your content like the back of your hand. That’s a solid 8/10. But if want to become a better podcaster then don’t jump straight into recording your podcast without doing a vocal warm-up!

A few simple vocal warm-ups can not only make your podcast production process quicker and smoother but also inject some extra expression and creativity into your delivery.

Let me explain. 

Streamline Your Editing with Clearer Speech

Yes – a warm-up will reduce your editing time! Sure, editing is an art, but let’s be honest, it can be a bit of a chore. Stumbling over words or mumbling means more time behind the editing desk—time you could spend on more exciting podcasting tasks or just having a wee nap or a biscuit. A brief vocal warm-up session will improve your speaking clarity, leading to fewer retakes and a cleaner final product. Imagine more time to get out in the fresh air pondering your podcast world domination or smugly chilling in front of the telly. Yes, please. 

Increase Your Vocal Confidence with Every Word

Being confident on the mic isn’t as easy as it sounds. A warm-up is your secret weapon when it comes to sounding like the expert you are. You’ll control those nervous sakes, sound more like yourself and, again, make fewer speaking fumbles. Regular vocal exercises encourage a strong, steady voice that speaks with authority. When your listener detects that confidence, they don’t just hear an expert; they follow one.

Expressively Engage and Entertain with Your Delivery

What the feck keeps listeners coming back? Edutainment, my friend. You need the facts and knowledge, but you also need emotional impact, passion and variety in your voice. A podcast that’s not only informative but also engaging, fun, real, varied and expressive to listen to is the secret to returning listeners. Using vocal warm-ups to enhance your vocal range, and add colour and emotion to your narrative will keep your listener hooked from start to finish.

Well, this all sounds great Nic, I’d LOVE to reduce my edit time, be more expressive and sound confident when I record my podcast. But…HOW. 

Glad you asked. 

Here are a few speaking warm-up exercises to get you started. 

Buzzy Humming: Have a wee hum. Imagine you’re eating something you enjoy eating, start a hum and see if you can encourage your lips to do that annoying tingly buzzing thing. This gentle exercise warms up your vocal cords and gets your breath moving.. Humming your favourite tune is a surefire way to boost your mood before you press record too. And it’ll help settle your nerves. Win-win!

Cheeky Tongue Twisters: Spruce up your articulation skills with some classic tongue twisters. Challenge yourself with, “Perfect podcasters practice precise pronunciation,” and watch your diction improve with each attempt.

Breathe Out: A bit of breathing not only supports your voice but also calms your podcasting nerves. Practice letting your breath out with a gentle, voiced sigh, pause for a moment, then release your tummy as your breath comes back in. It’s a mini-meditation before the microphone goes live.

If those tips have tickled your walnuts, as my Dad used to say, then you’re in luck! Download this freebie vocal warm-up for podcasters to start enhancing your podcast voice today.

Let’s make every episode a performance that captivates and converts listeners into loyal fans. Here’s to sounding your best and standing out in the ever-growing podcast crowd!


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