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The Vocal Expression Sessions

Your definitive guide to vocal variety, expression and connection.

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Join me for The Vocal Expression Sessions!

Words are fecking brilliant, aren’t they? And usually, when we chat to our pals, colleagues and family in real life our words come out full of colour, passion and variety. It feels and sounds expressive, instinctive, and human… just like you.

But then you have to read the words, written by you or someone else, into a microphone…and all of a sudden you hear yourself speaking in monotone, or with weird repetitive tune patterns in a way that just feels wrong.  Clunky. Awkward. Not like you.

You might feel like you’re wonderfully expressive when you chat to your podcast guests but then worry you sound like a robot as soon as you start recording your pre-written intro. The words can just sound a wee bit boring or stilted – and don’t flow well into the chatty nature of the main content of your podcast.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with how you approach text and feel that there’s something more in there. You’ve been recording the same VO scripts for years but you know you’ve got more to offer. That there’s got to be a more interesting way to bring the words to life in a way that serves the script,  shares the message and really connects with the listener.

Nic Redman coaching voiceover artist podcaster and speaker with On The Mic book

Well, good news, my friend.

The Vocal Expression Sessions are here.

Nic offers up her vast knowledge in a very relaxed and inclusive way and I look forward to an increase awareness of how I can approach diverse characters. Thank you Nic!

You've got 2 options:

Session #1


Recorded catch-up session

This is about how you can use the way your script is written to your advantage and enhance your expressive delivery. You’ll learn how to find pace, flow and energy in your delivery by understanding the structure of the words right there in front of you. You’ll leave this session with a tool kit of techniques for breaking down text in a real and authentic way, with maximum vocal variety.

Session #2


Live session

Have you everythought about how the sounds feel as you say them? That’s what this second session is all about. Words are tangible, feel-able things that you literally shape in your mouth. In the session I’ll share how the sounds in your words can be an expression superpower. You’ll learn the magic of the vowels, the consonants and how they combine in ways to give you unlimited expressive options for vocal range and delivery.


Session #1 – Structure: Recorded catch-up session

Session #2 – Sounds: 13th of July, Thursday

Sessions with Nic is a relaxed and fun experience. It feels like a chat with a friend. Nic asks searching questions and dispenses advice and suggestions. Absolutely brilliant!

Who is it for?

These expressive voice sessions are ideal for anyone who speaks and records as part of their working life:

● Voiceover artists
● Audiobook narrators
● Podcasters
● Public speakers
● Broadcasters
● Comedians
● Presenters

Even if you don't speak word for word from a script, you'll be able to apply all the techniques we cover to how you speak out loud, off the cuff too. The more you explore what's available in your voice, the more expression and engagement you'll open up in your voice for guesting on panels, sharing thoughts and presentations from memory and even day to day conversation.

Nic is absolutely fantastic when it comes to voice coaching. She is easy to get along with. Truly professional and knowledgeable. She's amazing!

How will it work?

These sessions are designed to stand alone but complement each other perfectly. Combined, they will give you countless tools for making text analysis and delivery simple, expressive and full of potential.

Session 1 Structure has already happened. You can still get it as a recorded catch-up session. Once registered, you’ll get a link to your inbox where you can view it.

Session 2 Sounds will happen live on 13th July at 2pm UK time. You can attend in person or wait for the catch-up link. When you book, you’ll also get a link to download scripts to use in the session. From VO to audiobook narration, podcasting to public speaking, there’ll be a script to suit you.

I’ll deliver Session 2 Sounds as a live masterclass, sharing tips and techniques on each of the topics. You’ll get to try everything out in the comfort of your own home, making as much weird noise as you need to and delving into the words, text analysis and how you can link that to your vocal delivery. I’ll be on hand at the end for questions, feedback and further suggestions on how you can use the techniques in your speaking and recording.

Nic redman at the training center coaching voiceover artists, podcasters and speakers

Hello, I'm Nic!

My name is Nic and I am a spoken voice coach, international voice over artist and podcaster helping people across the globe improve their vocal health, speaking skills, mic technique and communication.

With a predigious MA in voice studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I was trained by the best in the business including Kristen Linklater, Barbara Houseman and Cicely Berry. I continue to update and develop my skills with the likes of Knight Thompson Speechwork, The British Voice Association, Dane Chalfin and Vocal Health Education. My internationally reaching podcasts, online courses, downloads and 1-2-1 coaching practice help professional speakers get the results they need when recording, presenting and performing.

My work helps transform new and expert speakers helping them overcome any number of voice challenges and concerns from vocal rehab and strength to articulation, range and breath work. I enable my clients to reach their vocal potential by experiencing more voice control and variety, vocal confidence and stamina and a life changing understanding of their instruments capabilities. As a Vocal Health First Aider I have all the up to date knowledge and skills to help with management of voice emergencies and those “help, where’s my voice gone?!” moments!

I combine daily work as a professional speaker and microphone user with highly trained voice geekery to pinpoint the main voice technique issues that hinder speakers day to day and give you the solutions you need to speak for longer in an engaging, exciting and inspiring way.

I’ve helped 100’s of voiceovers, podcasters, speakers, celebrants and presenters with voice technique for over 8 years and have developed a range of training methods that are proven to make your job easier and more enjoyable!


Session #1



Session #1 is pre-recorded

Session #2



Double whammy

Both Sessions


Session #1 is pre-recorded

Nic is a genius, voice guru and absolute treasure of a human being. She creates a wonderful blend of practical techniques met with playful imagery and light. Nic's got you! Forever grateful!

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the first session, can I join in the second?

Yes, of course! They stand alone but complement each other well. If you’d like to watch the first one too just purchase the Double Whammy option and you’ll get a link to see it recorded.

I can't make it live, can I watch later?

Sure, we’re all busy and in all kinds of time zones. I’ll send out links to recordings for the sessions you registered for so you can catch up for a month after the event.

I've never done any voice training before - can I come?

Definitely. This work is accessible and useful for all abilities.

I've done everything you've ever offered in course form - will this teach me something new?

Yes! These are brand new sessions, designed to show how you can use your wonderfully warmed up and technically terrific voice to connect to the words and communicate with all the expression you could possibly want.

Can I use my own script?

Of course. If you’re working on your own project, you’re welcome to supply your own script. The scripts I’ve written are bespoke and designed to demonstrate all of the techniques we cover, so they’re useful to have access to as well. But it’s a great exercise to apply them to your own text too.

When will the sessions take place?

Session 1 is on Thursday 15th June. Session 2 is on Thursday 13th July. Both sessions are at 2pm UK time and last for 1 hour; a 45 minute masterclass from me and 15 minutes Q&A.

Where will the sessions take place?

Zoom! You’ll get a link when you register. Make sure you add my email to your email safe list and save the zoom link to your calendar for ease.