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The Buzz Magazine - "Re-energise your career" Edition

Delighted to be asked to contribute to The Buzz magazine, from The Voice Over Network, again this edition. The theme was 're-energising your career' so I penned a few tips for 're-energising your voice'. I hope you find it useful. And isn't that a nice mug?! #stayhydrated #productplacement


Manchester's Big Theatre Podcast Appearance 

Yes, you guessed it. I convinced someone else to let me blabber on about voice and accents again. This time the lucky recipients were the excellent Manchester's Big Theatre Podcast gang. This is a new podcast that has popped up interviewing all things Manchester and theatre and it's flipping ace. Past guests have included Simon Naylor of 53two, Manchester ADP and the lovely gents up at Hope Mill Theatre. Just a whole heap of love to Sophie and Joe from me for letting me get in on it. Have a listen. I give you free exercises. And get terrified by a stray teabag. #classicnic

Manchester's Big Theatre Podcast starring....NIC!

VO School Podcast Guest Speaker - Vocal Health

The team at VO School Podcast were delighted to have a chat about all things vocal health for their next episode. We discuss food, alignment, warming up, alignment, preparing for longer or more intense VO work, alignment...did I say alignment? It was all quite a lark and, I hope, contains various useful nuggets for people working across the different sectors of the voice over industry. Take a listen via the link below and give VO School Podcast a wee follow here to catch up on all their other episodes!

BBC Radio Manchester - "Accentism Project" Comment

The incredible research team at MMU have set up The Accentism Project - "uncovering and challenging language-based prejudice and discrimination in everyday life." They are calling for people to get in touch with their experience of accent based prejudice. This was something I became aware of as a Northern Irish person when I first moved to Manchester. Many new uni friends regularly mocked my accent and commented on how funny it was when I said certain things; 'haau naaau braaaun caaaau' (how now brown cow) and the classic 'paaarrrrr shaaarrr' (power shower) etc.., One man used to regularly ask me to whisper the word 'weetabix' into his ear...hmm. Luckily I was comfortable with my accent and didn't really let it bother me. But others haven't been so lucky. I was asked my opinion for a BBC Radio Manchester feature on the topic last week. Below is a brief clip of how I feel we need to tackle this last form of acceptable prejudice... 

The buzz magazine - "learn from the best" edition

I was well chuffed to be asked to share some voice and accent knowledge for Voiceover Industry mag The Buzz,  published by The Voiceover Network. To be included alongside the likes of Nancy Wolfson, Yvonne Morely and Dian Perry was an honour. Continuous training is key to a sustainable career. We're so lucky to have the likes of Gravy for the Brain, Voiceover Kickstart and The Voiceover Network to guide and support both newcomers and the old skool stalwarts of our fabulous industry! In the words of someone on a course I did last weekend (bloody memory...) "Live each day like it's your last but learn like you'll live forever!" #motivation

Yabbering away about voice and accents, as per...! 

Yabbering away about voice and accents, as per...! 

Spotlight - Accent and voice interview

Delighted to have been interviewed by Spotlight on the topic of "How to Master an Accent". I'm sure there'll be a wee tip or two in there for even the most practised of accent masters! 


I was called upon by Alison and Phil to talk about accents. A quick tour of a few Celtic accents ensued from me, along with chat about the wonders of regional sounds. That's one way to start a Friday, at 7 am, live on air.

THE IRISH POST - "Ten Minutes with..."

A quick "Ten Minutes With..." feature for The Irish Post where I finally get to mention my love of Meatloaf in an interview. About time too. 

THE GUARDIAN - Accent Article 

I was quoted in this piece in The Guardian, by Matt Dathan, discussing whether accents really hinder your job prospects. I'm a huge advocate of embracing your accent, finding ways to make it work for you, and always willing to give my opinion on the topic! 


IN! MAGAZINE - "Inspirational People" Irish Voice Over Artist

IN! Magazine, based in Northern Ireland, were kind enough to include Nic Redman Voice in their IN!spirational People feature, showcasing interesting new businesses. Honoured to be amongst a group of incredibly focused young start ups. Watch out world!

IRELAND'S BIG ISSUE - "A day in the life" Feature

A little 'Day in the Life...' feature in Ireland's Big Issue, describing what it's like being a voice actor, sharing secrets about being able to work in my PJs. Delighted to be able to write for this magazine and support a great cause.

Big Issue

I AND THE VILLAGE - Accent coaching work

On this production I coached accents and character voicing techniques for the multi-role playing cast. It was an honour and a joy to work with them. A cracking piece of new writing with an excellent cast and team.