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We needed a true Irish accent and Nicola not only gave a quick turnaround but the read was spot on and she was a pleasure to work with
— Bruce Crews, On Air, Canada

Irish and proud...

I'm a London based Northern Irish voice over artist and voice actor. My reputation is building internationally as the ‘go-to’ Northern Irish voice for many clients in the commercial and corporate sector, recent work for Tesco, The Daily Mirror, and Sunday Mirror, PSNI and The Giants Causeway  being a few examples.

Not just an Irish voice...

Having been blessed with a Northern Irish father and a Northern English mother I'm lucky to be bi-dialectal, meaning I have two native standard accents. Hours of fun can be had flicking between the two.

So if the Northern Irish twang isn’t what you're looking for I can provide you with more of an 'eee up chuck'. Or anywhere in-between and round about. Growing up speaking with two accents cultured a vocal flexibility and natural flair for accents. 

I am also trained in ADR voicing for TV and film so if your project needs an Irish voice in post-production, Northern or Southern, I can do that too.

As a trained actor, I can work with you to create a voice specifically for your project. 

But wait, there's more...

If this was an online dating profile, it would say I love cooking, long walks on the beach and have a 'GSOH', meaning I'm a bit of a comedian. Not just in the banter-y, social sense. People have literally paid me to tell them jokes. In both money and food. I perform solo stand up and sketch comedy in various forms across the country.

Some one said this once; “Nicola Redman’s opening satirical stance set the audience agog. Her timing was impeccable, her gags relatable yet new” (DV8 online) and someone else said this; "the audience immediately warmed to her. The strong material about her irish heritage, quick paced ukulele songs and snappy wit were an instant hit. Definitely one to watch.”  (Comedy Chords) Someone also said I should stop eating crisps. But I didn't listen.

These extra skills work brilliantly alongside my voice skills. I can bring your project a wealth of character, originality and humour if so desired.

So far so good? Get in touch with your enquiry, have a listen to my voice or read more about how to book a voice over with me.