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Day Trip to Media City

This week I put on my outside clothes and headed down to Media City to run another Introduction to Voice for Voiceover workshop for Thinking Actors. I like going to Media City as I get an excuse to have lunch out. Us voiceover folks spend a lot of time in our little booths talking to someone 'down the line' or, in fact, no one at all. So when you get a chance to leave the booth and interact with real humans, well, 'tis a cause for celebration! And by celebration I mean overpriced pasty from Booths. The workshop covered appropriate vocal warm ups for VO, describing and selling your voice as well as approaches to commercial and corporate copy. 

I always hope the participants feel at ease in these one off workshops. It can be a daunting experience and there is a lot of pressure to get the most out of every moment. My top tips for getting the most out of a one off workshop are as follows;

1) Ask a question. Any question. About the content, to your fellow participant before the session starts, even to the session leader afterwards about how you can learn more. It'll feel daunting but you'll feel much more comfortable and engaged in the process if you voice your concerns or interests. I love the challenging questions and any coach worth their salt should too! Usually that difficult question is the ons everyone is dying to ask! So go for it. 

2) Get stuck in! You're time for learning is limited in a one off course so the sooner you get stuck in and get passed any nerves you're feeling in the environment the more you'll take from it. The coach is often as nervous as you might be about the session. It's like the first day at school over and over again when you're a facilitator! So throw caution to the wind and dive in.

3) Mistakes are where the learning happens. The last thing you want to do in a one off workshop session is to nail it. What feedback and progress can you make from that?! This has been a recent lesson for me as an on-going student of voice. Don't worry about impressing anyone. Explore the work on offer and learn as much as you can from the expert in charge. 

Anywho, I should get back in my box. Let me know if you have had any interesting/good/bad/life changing workshop sessions recently. 

Over and out.