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fringe festival


Well what a summer its been. And by that I mean I was in Edinburgh for the International Fringe Festival and it only rained twice!? Couldn't quite believe it. 

Not only was I honoured to have directed and voice acted in the 5* rated Welcome to Tiddleminster, "an absolutely inspired hour of comedy", written by Chris Cantrill, but myself and fellow #voicegeek Laura Hunt provided our voice coaching services to performers at the festival on a 'Pay What you Can' basis, what we liked to call #festvoice...#catchy...#thenextbigthing.

We had a grand old time running around Edinburgh assisting actors, singers, puppeteers and comedians with their vocal quandaries in exchange for beer, show tickets and gratitude. And the odd quid here and there. The whole thing went down very well and we aim to provide the same service next year as it seems like something that could be of benefit.

Laura wrote a great blog about keeping your voice in shape pre festival, which I'd recommend checking out if you're a performer planning on heading up next year. Aaaand along the same theme, here are three basic reminders of how to assist vocal recover after the festival so you can be totally prepared for next year. 


- Drink some goddamn water mate; I know what it's like up there for booze and caffeine, yeah? I did coaching in return for beers and even sometimes gin so fully understand the temptation, so give yourself a break. Detox. Stick to water, herbal teas and the odd proper tea, maybe, as a vehicle for a digestive dunk. 

- Go to sleep; yeah you heard me. Get some shut eye. It shouldn't be too hard, you've been performing for a whole month. You body has a habit of repairing itself when you're asleep (*insert science-y bit here...) so if you rest the body will do the work for you. Which is nice to know.

- Shut the heck up; just give it a rest, yeah? Have a day or so where you stay in bed, crack on the telly and watch that box set everyone has been telling you to watch but you didn't have time as you were preparing for the Festival. Nowt better than just resting the voice for a wee while. And thing how grateful your housemates/family/significant other will be to have some peace and quiet. Or is that just mine?


So there you go! It's that simple. If you're being really prepared and planning next years Festival already, get in touch with any voice questions or requirements. 

Over and out.


I'm baaaaack...

Yes, that's right gang. I'm back on the blog, miss me? I missed you too. I do hope you've found other blogs to fill your minds with in my absence. 

It's been quite the year. A full time MA and keeping the VO biz going. Good job I'm an organised bod with a penchant for fourteen hour days and no social life. But it was all for the greater good. Nine months on and a new stage of life begins - me the voice coach. It's been going well so far. As well as work in various Drama Schools (RADA, Arts Ed, East 15) I've been collecting an eclectic bunch of 1-2-1 clients who I help with accents, voice for voiceover and general vocal assistance. Add to this some work with comedians for comedy pilots on TV and Radio, merging my two passions of comedy and voice, I don't think I can ask for much more.

Not one to exaggerate (I literally never do...) the course has been a life changer. Not only for me as a voice practitioner but as a person (#barf) Going back to studying at this age has been really hard and my brain has been put through its paces. But now, having survived, I've rediscovered a love for learning things. Some of which is science?! Whaaat? Yes. I know stuff about anatomy and muscles and acoustic science and things. Turns out learning IS fun if it is something that you're actually interested in. Who knew? And they have apps for literally everything these days. Which is both helpful and entertaining. 

The main purpose of this blog is to spread the word about next months exciting project. Myself and fellow voice colleague and pal Laura Hunt are offering Pay-What-You-Can voice coaching to those at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. I'm up at the Fringe with a brilliant show, Welcome to Tiddleminster starring comedian and Twix fan Chris Cantrill, and want to lend a vocal hand to those in need. Be it help with an accent, some warm up ideas, vocal health advice or text work, if you or anyone you know is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, send them our way. (#festvoice) We are happy to help. We are accepting all cash donations and offers of drinks/show tickets as payment. Which isn't too shabby. Prices usually start at £40-50/hour so if you've got the budget for something that would be fabulous. But I will accept part payment in haggis and hog roast. 

Anyway, a 12,000 word thesis awaits, which is more than I'm used to these days, damn Twitter and it's 140 character limit, so I shall sign off for now. 

Keep an eye on #festvoice and #tiddleminster for all the shenanigans and goings on at the Festival.

Kind regards and thanks for reading.