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Video gaaaaaames (in my best Lana Del Ray voice)

Hi all

A brief one this week just to gush about how much I enjoyed attending the Voice Over for Video Games workshop at High Score Productions with Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson. IT WAS ACES! 


It was held at Hackenbacker Studios in Soho, what great facilities btw... We started with a cup of tea, standard. Then got stuck in. The first half was mainly theoretical, giving myself and 9 other budding game-voicers an in depth back ground in the industry and how we may fit in. The second half was more practical and we got stuck into the nitty gritty of the voice direction side of things and what it would be like in a real session. A excellent all round introduction to the industry with a top director in Hugh and regular game voice actor Peter. We got to see it from both perspectives, which was very useful.

So, armed with a plethora of ideas and much inspiration, I shall now get my game on and practice practice practice! Both the playing of games and creating characters and voices for them. Much to the dismay of those around me. Yes. Yes I am cooking my tea in the style of a russian Bond villain, vat of eeet?! Yes. Yes they would eat sausages and mash. 

Go on the course if you want to try game voicing. Or you're just nosey as to what the industry is about.

And zat iiis all I hef to sai on zee saabjekt. Now, get out of my sighte, you heeedious creatuuure....

*spins round on big chair, stoking her pussy. CAT.  Her cat. Phew, that was close...