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Don't panic...I'm still here!

Guys guys guys! Chill.... I know I've been quiet on the old blogging front, from this outlet. But that's because I'm too in demand from other sources.

Well, I say 'in demand'. I think that phrase, like my life generally, is speculative. But it's all about positive thinking these days. Or so 306 inspirational memes tells me. If it had been 306 inspirational 'mimes', I may have taken more notice.

Good news is three fold today;

1) I'll be writing from here again. I know, right? Just 'cos. I mean, I pay for the bloody thing, I may aswell use it.

2) You can ALSO keep reading words that my fingers make twice monthly (ish, depending on the old super busy social life....) at Voice Over Herald. As well as words from other peoples smart fingers. It's a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the voice industry; over/acting/artist/etc...


3) I got me some lovely pea and ham soup on the bubble for lunch. Not quite as exciting for you, but it wouldn't be a blog from me unless I mentioned something about food. Food.

So there you have it. I'm here. I'm queer (as folk) and #feelingblessed.

Tune in for more rambles later.

Piece (of cake) out homies.