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Being an official voice expert type person. With free wine.

This week I was delighted to be a panelist for The Voice Over Network's inaugural Northern event "VON Goes North". And come North they did. And they brought the sun, which was nice. Beside me on the panel was good friend, and VO Social North regular (we can't seem to shake him...), Rob Bee, of Bee Productive. He's an expert in all things audio and technical whilst I was in attendance as an expert voice coach. I use the term expert loosely here. One can't quite claim to be an expert just yet; but hopefully one day I'll wear the term confidently with a cravat and an air of arrogance. We talked all things voice over and I gave an impromptu vocal warm up and cool down lesson. People asked interesting and probing questions. Then we drank wine and ate cheese in the name of networking. It was all very civilised. Any who, the attendees had a grand old time and I'd like to formally invite VON back up here anytime! Especially if you bring more cheese.