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Voice Workout continues to grow!

As you’re all aware, I’ve been making it my mission to spread the voice training gospel to anyone who will listen and anyone with a voice. And it’s been working!

So much so that 2 and a wee bit years on we now have 2 drop in voice training classes per month in Manchester and sessions in Sheffield as well.

All the details for booking can be found by googling ‘Voice Workout’ in Eventbrite, or via the Northern Voice Collective website, that’s my merry band of Northern based voice peeps that are currently involved with leading the Voice Workouts across the North.

World domination is one step closer. Thank you to everyone has come along and supported these sessions. This growth is down to you and your desire for good voice training. Well fecking done!

Keep spreading the word. Let’s those voices ring out folks!

Peace out.