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The VO Social Podcast just got it's own home!

Hello all.

Incase you didn’t know, I co-run a social meet up for voiceover folks in the North of England with the wonderful Leah Marks, VO Social North. This Social accidentally grew a podcast. And the podcast now has a home on t’interweb! It’s very own website. (Insert impressive oohs and aahs here…)

It’s very exciting because not only is it your one stop shop for listening to all the episodes of the podcast, but it also give details of other excellent voiceover socials that have sprung up across the UK! It’s an epidemic of audio people wanting to get out of their booths and get chatting in a pub. So if you’re reading this thinking “that’s great but I’m not in the North of England” then you’re in luck! A) because you’re always welcome at ours in Manchester if you’re in the area and B) because there are similar style meet ups far and wide. What luck.

So for all your VO Social North (and other areas…) meet up information and The VO Social Podcast listening needs, click here. And share far and wide!

Peace out voice fans.