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Competition time!

Win tickets to Sheffield Voice Workout worth almost £100!

Vocal fun and games are afoot with this fun competition - create your own character voice to win!


Its simple - check out the script below and invent the perfect character voice to bring it to life. Then, grab your smart phone or other digital recording device and record your character’s voice.

Email it to me, to be judged by our fabulous Northern Voice Collective gals and get involved in listening to the other entries once the competition closes. What larks!


The script

You must record the whole script - exactly as it is written. In English. Other than that you can interpret it in any way you wish!

'There must be a way. This can’t be the end. Come on - think. There’s not much time left….of course if we hadn’t wasted…wait! That’s it!' 

The winner gets to join me and my vocal chums for the brilliant Sheffield Voice Workout sessions - free of charge - for the next 7 months. Hoo haa!

For more info about the Voice Workout - for anyone using their voice for more than the odd chat - read all about it here


To enter, read the Competition Terms and Conditions (linked below) send your maximum 30 second recording as an MP3 file no larger than 1MB to: by September 26th 2018. 

Laura and Jude from NVC will have a good old listen and I'll announce the winner on Sunday 30th September.

Good luck and get cracking!


The important bit!

Entry into the competition indicates that you have read and accept the terms and conditions so please read them! They’re here.