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Voicing Opinions and Receiving Mentions

Just a quick thank you to Spotlight HQ for sharing my thoughts on dealing with nerves and vocal damage. You never have to ask a voice person twice to give their opinion. I mean you lot did...but on two separate topics. First it was accents and then what to do if you have damaged your voice or struggle vocally with nerves. Hopefully there are some useful nuggets of wisdom. If anything in there is of interest do drop me a line to discuss it in more detail. 

Another ta v. much goes to B.A.B.E Acting Blog  for giving me a mention in their recent piece on getting started in VO. Always happy to lend a hand to people if they're interested in vocal technique work appropriate for the voiceover world. 

People want to be careful about asking for my opinion on things. I'll be getting above my station and thinking I'm some sort of expert. Not yet...but one day. Maybe.

Peace out voice fans.