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Here's something Irish I prepared earlier...

As a voice actor you spend a lot of your time recording things remotely, sending it back to the producer and never hearing anything more about it.

Until it pops up on the radio and your avid non smoking cousin calls to berate you for putting your voice to an electronic cigarette brand. Mamas got bills to pay.

Anywho. A recent returning client is Waterford Crystal. Weirdly via a TV channel in the US. They love a good decorative Irish cut glass fruit bowl in the States. Kindly the producer sent me one of the finished spots so I could hear what it sounds like together with the music and visuals. It's always great to hear the finished product as you can learn a lot as a VO from hearing your work 'in situ' as they say in the industry. Was it the right style for the advert visuals? Is your articulation clear? Do you maintain vocal energy throughout the phrases? It's important to build an awareness of your instrument and revisit the work you do to check for flaws and required improvements. 

Fingers crossed I've not overlooked some hideous moral issue with this one and my cousin will be happy. I'm pretty sure they don't test the crystal on animals. Or smoke whilst they're making it. 

I hope you enjoy.