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Investigating 53two

Since moving back to Manchester a few years ago I've been trying to investigate all the new theatre goings-on. There are some great new theatre spaces and collectives up here breathing new life into the theatre in the North. I was asked along to 53two this month to run some voice workshops for the Italia Conti auditionees and was delighted to have a wee nosy. What a great space! They have little space called '53', a larger space called 'Two', a bar (THE most important bit...obvs) and a brilliant program of work coming up. Last night I popped along with my @vosocial north partner Leah to catch The Significant Other festival, a selection of 10 x 10 minute plays created by The Pensive Federation, which is on all week I think. Some lovely new writing and strong performances. Highly recommended. Get yourself down there. Talk nicely to the bar man. Watch some theatre. Delightful.

What else is happening? Oh yes, I'll be yabbering away on a panel at an event by The Voice Over Network, VON Goes North, on 5th May. So if you're interested in what's going on up here in the VO world, get yourself along.

And stay tuned for news of a monthly voice workout session I'm setting up in Manchester, for all you people who want to keep your voices in check on a regular basis. Details to follow soon.

Peace out voice gang.