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Lovely talented friends of Nic the Voiceover type person...

I've met a lot of people in my short (ish...I'm almost 30 now, is that short?) life. From drama school to life as an actor, to life generally. I've have had the pleasure of mingling with loads of whoppingly talented people. So I thought I'd share a few of them with you guys and what they are up to at the moment. Makes a change from blowing my own voice over business trumpet. Business trumpet, there's a newspaper waiting to be written. OK, here goes!


  • Awesome mate/ex housemate Lisbee Stainton. A singer/songwriter making her merry way in the world making all sorts of amazing sounds on various instruments and also with her mouth. Lisbee just started a podcast and I was honoured to be asked to be her first guest. Have a listen.


  • Hot to trot pal Hilary has been busy creating one of the best vintage girl groups on the PLANET right now, Elle & the Pocket Belles. She and various pint sized hotties have been all over the place this summer performing at a plethora of festivals (including Glasto...yup, and they managed to keep their petticoats clean) so if you like a good boogie, check out their tunes here.


  • My buddy Adebayo Bolaji has taken time out from being a super successful actor and written a play. How good it that? (He's in it as well, like, obvs.) It's called In Bed and is on next week at London Theatre Workshop and it's looking pretty awesome. You can check out the trailer here.


  • Finally for now, the person I share a flat with, in a romantic sense (eewwww...) comedian and illustrator, Chris Cantrill has been working hard on his latests solo show, Welcome to Tiddleminster which is on at the Hen and Chickens tonight and tomorrow, if you hurry you may just make it! He draws lots of brill things too, so if you need something designed or drawn, drop him a line.


There you go. Just wanted to spread the love. Always nice to be able to shout about what your friends are doing. Perhaps their creative success and entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps me going on this wobbly path. It can be done people, hang in there! 

Return the favour, introduce me to the creative endeavours of all your talent friends. Musicians, singers, writers, artists, cooks, cockle shell collectors, whatevs! Nowt like having a new 'thing' to get excited about ...

Bye for now.


By Nicola Redman