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1 + 1 = should've listened in maths class...

I'm a business woman now. Yes, that's right. Shoulder pads n' all. Like the ones in the navy jacket Vivienne (Ju-Robs.) wears in that bit in Pretty Woman when she's off to make better of herself and not be a hooker no more. 

Now, turns out being a business woman means I have to do maths and that. I didn't really listen in maths when I was a kid. Once the teacher advised us to learn some formulae 'off pat' (e.g, by rote, memorise them...) and I answered "Who's Pat?" (#lol) A classic, if mistimed, gag. And perhaps a sign of my comedic future.

Anyway. Here I am. Actually needing maths in a real life situation. I have to do business accounts you see. Incomings, outgoings, profit and loss. Not to mention getting a handle on receipts and taxes and whatnot! The thought of numbers brings me out in a rash. If you're this way inclined, I have a few tips you're welcome to -

1) Stay on top of it. Allocate some time each week to sorting though your receipts, checking what payments have come in where, chasing unpaid invoices, updating accounts records. That way when it's (gulp) April and Tax time, you're in a good place. And not face first in a Tesco bag for life full of bus tickets and purchase orders crying. That only happened once. And ok it was an Aldi bag for life. Honesty and all...

2) Cheat! (Not on your taxes, jeepers no....) So your not Rainman. That's cool, Rainman probably can't do 17 different accents or create the voice for a cartoon squirrel. We all have our talents. And we all need a little help in other areas. There are tools for this. My voiceover mate Pete Edmunds put me on to Free Agent. Which is fab online accounting software with all the bells and whistles you need to keep a check of your work related numbers. They have excellent facilities for invoicing, expenses, linking your accounts, taxes, plus the support and assistant is wonderful. This all takes me back to my youth when my big dream (seriously) was to be, what I called, a 'Bank Manager'. I meant the lady at the desk who thumbed through the notes fingering a wet sponge...What a gal she was.

3) Get an accountant. Just get one. They know what they are doing and can make sure you do everything right and don't accidentally put all your money into an offshore Tax haven next to Gary Barlow's piggy back. And the money you spend on one is Tax deductible. Winning! Also you can do the minimum and get back to doing what you do best. Talking to yourself in a silly voice. Bliss. 

What's my (decimal) point? (See what I did there?! Classic maths word play) Don't panic if you not a numbers person. Get the help you need. Don't accidentally commit fraud. That is NOT a good start to the week. Likewise in any area of your business. If you're good at some bits and not so good at others, get googling and find the assistance. It's better in the long run. You might even learn something. Like how to spell 'decimal'... 

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