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Voice Actor + chocolate BAFTA + gaming = Good tim

Yes. That's right. I am now the proud owner of 6 BAFTAs! OK, they are made of chocolate. And 'Tiddly'. And given to me as a gift on entrance to the BAFTA Games Inside Gaming Showcase but I think, deep down, what they were trying to tell me was that one day I would win an actual real BAFTA. For my outstanding performance as a voice actor in the hit video game "Irish Spirit II - Leprechaun Revenge", the successful follow up to "Irish Spirit I - Leprechaun Takes a Stand". And I'm touched and encouraged guys, I really am. Thank you for your support. 

Nicola Redman Voice Actor Nominations BAFTA Games 2014

Chocolate awards aside, it was a really interesting day. There are some mental looking games on the cusp of release folks. Went to a couple of  developer talks. One with Matt Brunner of Airtight Games. He was chatting about their latest project 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' and how it's very  heavily character driven. So much so that it will determine the pace at which the game is played, which is a new idea in gaming. As a voice actor, that's great to hear. Characterisation is a big part of the gaming experience and to hear developers championing this idea and wanting to take it further within gaming cinematics is exciting and encouraging.

There's something pretty exciting about being at an event full of gaming enthusiasts. Anticipation hangs in the air like the golden rings above Sonic the Hedgehog (#gamingref). Who was there, btw! In all his blue glory. But I played it cool. As did the people I was there with. No embarrassing pictures. True professionalism all the way. You can't take Bruce Duncan anywhere. And don't get me started on Jay Britton. Although he did look mighty sharp in his awards ceremony suit. 

Ah, bless. What a bunch of nerds...

Ah, bless. What a bunch of nerds...

Nicola Redman Irish Voice Actor and Voice Artist Easting Chocolate BAFTA

OK yes. I did eat them. Only after improv-ing my future acceptance speech in the ladies room mirror. Well who wouldn't?! Apparently the real BAFTAs are edible too. But not for vegetarians...or those with weak enamel. I'll find out one day I hope.

What are your gaming dreams? Let me know.

By Nicola Redman