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Useful resources for voice over folk from my social media adventures this week.

As a solo self employed business entrepreneur (crikey that sounds official...) you wear a lot of hats each day. Not real hats, unless it's a need a hair cut day, or a should've washed my hair day, or a what made you think braids were a good look what is this the 90s day. But metaphorical hats belonging to all the people who make up the day to day running of your business; voice talent, accountant, tech support, buyer, admin, reception, marketing, PR, PA and other such acronyms...

This week, I've been spending much time in my marketing hat. I like to think of it as a Mexican sombrero. Confident, yet practical, with the ability to cover a lot of ground. Emails and cold calling are soooo last week for this marketeer. Seriously, I did that last week. This week,  I've been filling myself with knowledge on social media marketing. Which is what all the cool sombrero wearing entrepreneur kids are doing these days. 

Setting up the Facebook, G+, Linked In and Twitter (etc etc) accounts is just the beginning. You then have to master the upkeep and regular improvement of them all. I've stumbed across a few things that I found useful and wanted to share. So, here goes...*takes sombrero off so she can see the screen properly

  • An excellent and comprehensive video from Jordan Reynolds on adding demos and You Tube videos to your Facebook page. It's a reasonably straight forward, if slightly fiddly process, but Jordan talks you through everything you need to know.
  • It's all about Google+ it seems so here's an excellent video from Mark Traphagen and Ronnie Bincer explaining the hows and whys of profiles v's pages. It's a long one, so get a cuppa, but some really useful nuggets in there if you're lost in the G+ stratosphere.  
  • And continuing on the G+ theme I've learnt that embedding your G+ posts in blogs and content is a good way of driving traffic to your profile and page and keeping things linked up. Which is what I've been practising in this blog! Clever eh?!  #multitaskingwoman

I hope these will aid some of you on your social media endeavours. Are there any other handy hints out there I should know about re. utilisation of t'interweb for business? Do share.

Bye for now!

By Nicola Redman