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Social media and the voice over artist. What a fable.

Well, it's not a new day unless there is a new social media thingumajig to be getting your head around. One that will apparently make your business marketing run without a hitch or hit the top of searches or bag you a job for the Queen, President or One Direction themselves. 

There are so many to chose from. It's a very difficult recipe to get right. A dash of Facebook (profiles and pages), a sprinkle of Linked In, the zest of a Twitter account, all mixed together with a touch of Instagram/Pinterest/Weebly/BuzzFeed/YouTube/Vimeo...argh! Whoa there! Some of us still use 2 cans on a string (a landline phone, if you will...)

It seems as soon as I get a grip on one social media fad, another one pops up, designed to be bigger or better, or make organising my current social media accounts even easier! Recently I discovered IFTTT. Anyone used it yet? It is an app which talks about 'recipes' (hence my earlier clever recipe metaphor) which alludes to mixing your accounts together so you when you update one, the other updates as well. I've just got the hang of using Buffer, and am experimenting with Hoot Suite, both designed to help with cueing tweets and organising accounts. Do I need IFTTT as well?! Oh god. I have a business to run. I can't be online all day embroiled in all this social media nonsense. Except I do. What for? To have an online presence, which is pretty integral to those carving out their career in the voice world today. Nearly every job I get comes via the world wide web. Even my agent has a twitter account. 

So, to continue the recipe metaphor for the moment, the ingredients of my social media main course are...

  • A Facebook page, just for me as a pro VO, ooh
  • I'm a Twit too, @nicredmanvoice 
  • And on the Linked In, it's ever so serious, but very useful
  • Not to mention the website, here, which you found, excellent
  • AND most recently Google+, which I've 'Embeded' below, I'm all over this blogging stuff

Tasty, eh? And I am metaphorically full. Online presence wise. With social media nuggets. Which will all help to get me jobs and, in turn, buy real food to eat. Which is also tasty, so then I'll literally be full...crumbs.

What do you like and dislike about social media? Let me know.

Now, DO NOT tell me of any new fangled online wotsits for the interim period. I've enough to be looking after for now. The rest of my time I'll might spend using the telephone or email and oh yeah, recording voice overs.

Thank you for reading. Now go and call a mate. After sharing this online...