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So far so good...the mature student vs the SU bar

Sorry if my typing is all over the place guys, I'm just sooooo hashtag hungover from ALL the Freshers week shenanigans, like. Man, was I throwing down the shots and wines and literally all of the pints of booze.

Yeah, that's all a lie. I'm 30. The smell in the SU bar brought back a whole heap of bad memories about 70p double vodkas, The Killers anthems and sticky floors. I rolled my eyes. At a smell. A first year undergrad open a door for me. All the excitement, I must've looked ready for my afternoon nap. So, it's not exactly like the first time I was a student. Or even the second. I did get a very interesting DVD out of the library on the anatomy of the larynx which, to the untrained passerby (e.g., my fella) definitely looked more like a niche rude-y video. I also picked up an eco-friendly bio degradable condom at Freshers Fair. Not sure exactly how that works but it made a great balloon puppet.

This is just a check in to say, holy moly I'm excited. Great bunch of people on the course it seems. There is also a REALLY BEAUTIFUL DOG! A guide dog, called Jemma. Not in training itself, but guiding someone who is training. Look, I'm not saying it's so far the best thing about the course, but it's definitely a close second. To the accidentally rude-y larynx video, obvs.

I'm still recording voice over work folks, so don't  panic. If you need anything get in touch. If anything, my lovely/bookable Irish voice will only get better. I'm aiming to sound like the love child of Christopher Walken and Emma Thompson. 

More to come...stay tuned.